🧧 Mysterious gift

I don’t know who sent it, so Thank You very much… :hugs:


I never get one :cry:

Congrats to you though

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I got 27 :red_gift_envelope: so far or more I lost count and not from my alt


You are welcome :handshake:

It wasn’t me. Maybe it’s someone who you’ve helped … that gonna be a long list to sort through. :rose:


I got one too… Suspect it’s from my team but you never know I suppose…

No one has sent me any. Maybe I’m not as friendly and helpful as I though. :rofl:

Last I checked, I hadn’t gotten any either :rofl:

Well that’s just rude!

:joy: Well I’m not complaining. I’m on track to finish UVS without issue.

This whole red envelope thing is reminding me of Valentine’s day in elementary school. They made us make little mailboxes and everyone hand delivered little notes and candies. I wasn’t popular enough to get the nice ones :cry:


But… those envelopes aren’t for Valentine’s Day, they are meant for Chinese New Year :red_gift_envelope: :blush: these two things just happened to come in at the same time. Still a bit confusing right

Me too but I’d like to finish faster. :grin:

First and only time I ever got one of these I think PG sent it to everyone to introduce the item :sweat_smile:

There was that time with the Pirate Hat for Dragons, when I did an exchange with a teammate :thinking:… Skarr was awesome in it :laughing:

I received a message in game mail of who sent it to me? So I know

There’s an option to make it anonymous. :smiling_imp:


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