Mysterious Spell Boosts pack in Forge


So, before I posted this thread I looked for keywords “Forge”, “spell boost” and “pack” but did not find anything really relevant to my simple question. If it has already been brought up I beg your pardon and please provide me a link to the explanation.

I was browsing in Forge just looking at my resources and I stopped at a “ruby resource” I have seen a few times but never really noticed.

I’m really curious to know what this actually do and how it works, but not curious enough to spend 1k5 rubies on it just to find out I may not even have use of this item.

@PGPulse I suppose that you are the most likely to bring some light on this matter, I hope you can help me along with our experienced Dragon Lords on the forum :blush:


I did it once like two years ago out of curiosity. I believe it’s just random spells. Nothing special.


If that’s what it is it seems awfully unexciting… I was expecting something fancier like a special spell boost that give us a minimal boost but in all native spells of the Dragon… Like instead of 8% resist against an element (if you equipped a resist spell) it would give you 2% boost in the strength of each of your 4 spells (since the maximum number of natural Spells is 4).


Oh no, it’s for sure none of those things. I’m 100% sure it’s equipped spells, I just don’t remember exactly which ones.


Its a random smattering of standard spells

Eg ballista resist
Lightning etc etc

No chance of a super


Random sampling it appears…


Thanks everyone, my question is answered.

@ModMat @Psarus you can close this thread… (Tagging both to induce a little competition to see which one will win the locking race :joy:)


I win lol

Mat your too slow