Mystery branch!

Hi all, I was wondering if we could be expecting the mystery branch to come back out so I can get those gold chests! Pg can we get this branch again soon?

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um came back 2 now so most likely next season

So far we’ve had two, one in last spring season, and one this season. I hope to see another one next season but I wouldn’t count on a second one during summer.


If we knew then it wouldnt be a mystery, now would it?


This is true

Ok good point

Maybe Pg will give us one more in this season. You never know, save your sigils for it.


I think we all should have learned by now to just save some sigils from the current event until we see what’s in the season’s menu the following week


Agree- always handy to keep 4,000 - 5,000 sigils and 20k rubies on hand.

If nothing pops up can just spend them on the last week of the season and use the consumables earned from branches in the next season.

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