Mystery Dragon?

Lol can anyone identify this dragon…it doesn’t look familiar to me

Interesting Dragon, looks like the first we get besides Draco but with a cool hue…

I don’t know about the dragon but I’d be offended by that hint. :astonished::joy::joy: Never seen that one before.


Lol nah it was an ember run on the lvl 290 base for a lower lvl player

It’s one of the images used for summons

I mean I’d rather it tell me that I’m not strong enough (Breeding better dragons hint) than it tell me I just need to fly better. Lol. And I’m assuming this is part of the new tips and hints they’ve been discussing. Not saying this hint has never applied to me, because it probably does more than the breeding better dragons. :joy::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Ive always seen this hint if I wasn’t told “this base has been destroyed by Abraxxas X time ago. Try and breed better Dragons (…)”

Oh wait…

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