Mystic Fragments Conundrum

I’m at the point where I need every spare egg fragment I can get for leveling purposes. My next breeding pair is Gloomclaw/Ursa which will net me Garnet eggs. But it got me to thinking when is the best time to utilize those Mystic Fragments without hurting myself when it comes to eggs for upgrading. I’m currently sitting on nearly 300 of the buggers but when I look ahead to find places to use them I see a lot of pitfalls.

For instance, Pyrochis/Stormheim will get me Deci and Kerbos for the same value but will also get me Slax at 65%. I surely wouldn’t use Mystic Frags here because I would be shorting myself out of extra Emerald eggs, right?!

What to do, what to do?? :woman_shrugging:

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Reds best breeding path shows what breeders are good to use mystics on


I used Frags on Pyro + Storm = Deci combo, and never breed Slax and Kerbos. and can get emerald eggs still :man_shrugging:t2:

Tokens/Number of Fragments for how many you’d save per Mystic Frag use.

Red also has a separate sheet that breaks it out by full price breeds in her shared folder.

If you want to mess with figuring out tokens vs mystic frags and event points without doing your own calculations, there’s a breeding sheet here.


This! This! This is the one you need to follow :smiley:
Just remember that HIGHER the value, better the savings are.
Take out your breeding path, just calculate this and if its well over 200 tokens/frag that’s most likely the most optimized solution.
It can be different number for same dragon depending on your path. Never spend frags on backbreeds.

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