Mystic fragments for artisan dragon

Is it a good strategy to spend a 1000 mystic fragments to help breeding an artisan legendary?

That depends on how many, if any, you want to evolve to mythic. The evolution cost is 10 Arcanum eggs for each. Narmak gives 10 if you use only bokens, the other 3 given 4-5 I think., so plan accordingly.

Personally, I only think I’ll evolve 1, so I’m fragging pretty much to my heart’s content and using bokens for research eggs.


When do Artisan dragons evolve again? Mine are expert at level 40.

They will add lv to it like the festive

10 eggs to make one mythic is confirmed number? I’ve been waiting for this answer and haven’t seen it

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10 is the number.


I usually frag whatever’s leftover after completing 5 artisan eggs (for the warrior, sorcerer, and hunter) so that I don’t waste tokens. Now that we know the number of eggs to take one til mythic though, I’ll probably use a lot more frags for narmak. Basically just figure out how many dragons you want to evolve, then make sure your egg stash is divisible by 10. After that extra tokens are basically wasted.

Go for it if you need the points
We know how many arc eggs we’ll need now but we dont know what the future for each of these dragons is. We dont know if they will change in terms of spells once they evolve so might as well do what you need to get your points

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You have to evolve at least one, right? So you can evolve the seasonal mythics to level 131 (e.g. Nockmar - Neon War Dragons), and this is likely to be a requirement for levelling next season’s mythics.


OK, thanks. So what does “Have hatched a Mythic Dragon from Artisan Tier” mean?

Ah yes good question. It’s a placeholder that’s not actually implemented in code (that’s also why people could level their mythics to 135). It should be replaced with something like “hatched 3 legendaries” by the time those levels actually become available.


That is the second solution, but I could only choose one :wink::man_shrugging:t3:

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I thought one had to go to mythic to move to next tier?

Nope…just all 4 drags.

Interesting…we used to have to get a mythic to move on….

It’s a new system with the artisan
Not legendary and mythic dragons, but evolving dragons.
You just need all 4 to progress to the new tier (not released for a while) and X to upgrade your den.
The den won’t be needing eggs anymore, just the amount of artisan evolving dragons, and black pearls instead of eggs.

You won’t be required to evolving any of the 4 artisan! Can keep them on their current lvls and just wait/research.

Yes, I know the other details. I am there now.

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