Mystic Fragments - How to Use?

Is this true?

Edit: wrong photo attached

Should be (You can always check it through incubator, provided that you have incomplete egg.)

Wait, that’s not the question :sweat_smile:

Unless CS read your question wrong.

Can you post it if you don’t mind? :eyes:

Yes it is. U can’t use it on already bred eggs.

Ohh dang. And here I thought I could use those mystic drags for my research hall. Ohh well egg tokens then.

Yep I know. Would have been great if we could.

Why? Mystics are worth 200 tokens each. Using them on backbreed eggs will make them be worth 10 tokens each.


Just wanted to explore my options, and I can spare some to get to my point goal. :man_shrugging:

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