Mystic Fragments used for Research


I was thinking the other day, is there a way that perhaps mystic fragments that people have could also be used for research?

For example, let’s say someone has 20 mystic fragments.
They have 10/30 green eggs they need for a research perk they want.
They could use 20 mystic fragments to complete the research they want.
Mystic fragments I think should be able to be used for ANY type of research eggs.
need gold eggs? sapphire? green? Mystic fragments can be used for any of those.
Maybe they could still count for points during breeding event?
Or the only downside to using them for research is that they will NOT count for points?

I’m just thinking outloud here.


Technically you can do that already. Just use the frags to complete eggs. But one frag doesn’t equal one egg when u get past blue. So this probably won’t happen


Actually, you can’t use mystics to complete eggs that you have already hatched (not sure about bred but not hatched). I just checked.

But yeah, I don’t see mystics being able to replace 1 egg, green or higher. I’d MUCH rather use mystics for breeding. Research isn’t THAT important to replace dragon breeding progression…


Ah didn’t know that - thanks for confirming


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