Mystic rune limited time BS

I am all for these little lines that come up in season but at least give us a warning. We don’t know how much sigils it will cost or when its gonna come up. The best way to do this is just announce another branch and its cost at the very beginning like we do for the festive. We dont need to know what it is but will be very helpful for us to organize and plan the season. Its already very hard for me since i am a low level player. Since this thing was unannounced and we dont know how much it cost. Please extend it by a week or just put it next week. I really wanna save up sigils for this rune.

edit: to be fair they did announce it in the start of the season but it was subtle and we didnt know the cost. When i see this mystic branch…I see that i could actually afford it and i plan to go for it. But dont have enough now unfortunately.


I think you grasped the point. Spend $$$ or do without? These limited time items are not for you. They are for PG’s bottom line.


Also disappointed, spent all my sigils an hour before announcement. 2 weeks would be much more realistic and kind, but won’t happen based on my experience which isn’t much. Just been playing for about a year but from reading forums it’s always been this way. Good luck trying to get the rune hope you’re able to get it.

They did announce AT THE VEERRRRRYYYY start of the season that there would be “bonus” lines in the season to be announced at a later time.

People also repeatedly asked when they would come out. They didn’t say when just that the season wasn’t over yet an that they would come out later.

No one forced anyone to spend their sigils when they did how they did.
People could have just as easily saved sigils after the discount period was over and the egg token boost.

  1. We actually did know, Crisis told us last Twitch stream we were getting one this week and they announced these lines at the start of the season and with 5 weeks left odds were pretty good it was coming up soon. It was also said in a previous topic to expect them in August.

  2. Im sure they will have sigil packs to buy for those who didnt have the sense to prepare. They want to make money and actual good offers are a far better way to get people to spend

If you spent all of your sigils then that’s on you. If you’re lower level then base runes really arent a concern to be focusing on. Get a good dragon that will last you a while. It’s not like the rune is game breaking or anything


This. And it’s not a bad thing. I’m sometimes surprised by the number of people that want stuff but aren’t ok with paying for it in some fashion or another. At the end of the day, PG is still a business and has salaries and bills to pay. They need to do something to earn revenue. So if they do something like this and it’s what helps keep the lights on, I’m good with that. If you don’t want to spend real money and that would mean you can’t get it, that is a choice you can make.

It’s not like that is uncommon at all with regards to mobile games, nor is there anything wrong with it. I’m sure this isn’t a popular opinion, but how else would you suggest they get our money? I’m genuinely curious as to what people would be ok spending on and how much…


It was announced at the start of the season.

Don’t get me wrong it was fairly quiet until just before the event when they started talking about the branches. But there was plenty of notice. Hell go and look at the announcements for the season


I respect your opinion but at the same time as a lower level player like the person who posted, I assumed the “bonus lines” would be way too difficult to for me to attain, not knowing it was just 5k sigils. It’s a mistake I won’t make in the future but at the same time I think it’s good to make more things new player friendly. I personally will not leave the game because of something like this but many new players quickly learn that they will never be competitive and it discourages people from joining the game. I personally had 3 referrals that really enjoyed the game and left because they knew they wouldn’t be competitive for a very long time. Not saying you’re wrong by any means just giving another perspective.

Real quick one more thing. Trust me when I say I’m a capitalist in every sense of the word. I believe things need to be earned. However there also has to be a balance when it comes to a business and from what I’ve seen PG leans very stingy to the point of hurting player base growth as opposed to the other way around. I’m certainly not someone advocate for the easy attainment of mythics. That is something that should be very hard to obtain for elite players. But I don’t everything in the game needs to be extremely hard for the majority of players to attain like doing well in assault, obtaining a bonus line, leveling up gear, building flaks etc…

There’s really nothing about this line that makes someone competitive or not. It’s a bonus line with some extra stuff. It’s really not meant for lower level players as they rarely have extra sigils. As I said, lower level players would get far more out of focusing on getting a useful dragon or a good rider than worrying about a rune that isnt going to make that much of a difference. Runes are accessory items to add that final touch, good dragons, good breeding progress and a strong base with rider gear is what is most important.

A mythic rune really isnt going to make or break anything for anyone. The most limiting rss in the game are timers. Now if they come out with a bonus line full of a year’s worth of timers then Id say that is something they need to let us know about but this is like getting a fancy hat. You dont really need it but it’s fancy and flashy and you can ooh and ahh over it.


I agree. But not all people are on the forums and read announcements. It’s a game and the information should be in game like all the other branch info. I bet some didn’t even know this information and they still wouldn’t know till next week.

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Yes every announcement is pushed in a in-game email with link to forum post.

Sorry I don’t have sympathy for anyone who doesn’t read the warning label, fine print before signing, claims ignorance of a law, etc.

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.


Ooof. Fair enough. But there are no branch information in the announcements but as u said there is a link. This is totally my fault but it’s still not apparent. If u were a casual player would u go read blogs in the links of system mails?? All I am asking is put the info in the branch list that opens up when u enter the season. I am low leveled but I could earn 35k easy if I play enough.

I know it’s a case of closing the barn door after the horse has bolted, but just save your sigils. I know everyone wants the latest and greatest shiny new dragon, and I know you get season buffs, but beyond the discount dragon, you could always just save up and spend as required. Regular season lines aren’t going anywhere.

If you want things in this game you either pay attention and plan ahead, or you spend money.

If you’re low level the rune is probably not worth it anyway. Just get 3k sigils during the event (quite doable including team prize and team quests), and pick up a pile of cheap embers and dust.


Great. Thanks for the input guys. Really lets me learn a bit more about this game. I will still make plenty of mistakes and come rant here lol. You are right. I should have thought ahead.

edit: I still stand by the fact that this experience can be improved.

This was the official announcement at the start of the season which everyone in game was sent an email with a link to

There is the official discussion thread
People in the community asked repeatedly for additional information in regards to when etc (I myself asked 2-3 times)

I’m actually a little surprised that we didn’t get timers TBH

Oh I agree that an exotic rune is not crucial for 99% of players, especially beginners. However, it’s not about what is crucial or necessary it’s about the perception of the player. If he/she is really excited about base building and not the dragons and believe it or not some are, then they want to invest more in something like a rune. I’d also slightly disagree that it doesn’t make someone competitive. The exotic rune is exotic because it gives such a substantial boost. Much easier to spend 5000 sigils than max out a piece of gear. I’m only level 169 but I’ve also finished almost 2 lines as just an elite player so I’m not totally clueless in giving my thoughts. Overall I definitely see what you’re saying though. I’m more so talking about overall player base and game growth that’s more of my interest than what is necessary vs. unnecessary if that makes sense. (Don’t get me wrong I know you know a lot more about the game, just giving my two cents)

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Why do you think everyone should have a mythic?
Before end game a mythic is only 5% stat difference than a legendary divine.
What should be more important is your ability to fly the dragon and it’s skill set.
(not trying to give a negative tone here)

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Mythic isn’t breedable beyond your current level right? If you do this, everyone at lower levels could spend a few sigils to get dragons to their stone level then get a mythic - I don’t think this would be fair