Mystical Dragons for everyone

There should be the possibility that everyone can come to a Mystic Dragon from the event without having to spend money on rubies for gold boxes / Sigl. I have been playing for 2 1/2 years and do not get a mystical dragon and I am very active! This will surely frustrate many. 18 keys for mystic dragon is hard and nasty for the item prices and should be limited to 8 keys.

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What league is your guild in? Got Atlas?
Imho it is possible at least from S3 upwards to get a mythic every season without spending money.

I got my first mythic after a year, on a platinum team as a normal e2p. I’m not sure what you’ve been doing this past 2.5 years, but it’s really quite trivial to get a mythic at least every other season, even if only a little active and in platinum.


Platinum 4, today Platinum 3. Yes we have atlas

I’m very active atlas and events ingame :see_no_evil:

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So with Atlas you have the possibility to get timers and egg tokens (daily and missions) what allows a very much better progress in minor events.
With the sigils claimed in minor events you can claim gold chests to get especially inner fires for the major events what allows you to perform better in these ones.

The rest is about planning carefully. Save the rubies for either the first two weeks of a season (with the discount branch(es)) or the last two weeks of a season (with the super sigil chests) if you’re only some sigils short. So every second season a mythic should be possible without spending money.

And being ACTIVE is one thing, being EFFECTIVE is another one. Obtaining a mythic isn’t a sprint, it’s more a long distance run with a sprint at the beginning.


Thx :+1:

You know what really kick in your chance to get mythic dragon?

Join a team that get 1.2K sigils team prize all the events. That’s 15.6K sigils. Which equals to half the branch.

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I cant agree with trivial, but careful planing and decent activity works fine, but I agree it is doable for f2p even in poor platinum team


what! be economical and at least every 2 seasons is a mystical dragon. without too much effort

for the none spender this helps to get a mythic dragon.

  1. start a season with enough chests (gold + bronze) that u finish at least 1 discount branch( now with 2 branches should try the most to start second).
    open chests only in pvp event it will carry you to the season and get you good points for you and your team.
  2. stop other branches and get mission branch to 100% boost. not 125%.
  3. its preferred to be in a team that gets 1.2 sigil every event (if you cant reach that goal yourself dont expect other to).
  4. pick branches thet contain more prizes for example a rider has more gold chests then dragon (there are 2 in a season) gold chest = sigil that will help you finish the branch faster.
  5. in a branch always pick the gold chests dont be tempted and get less sigil.
  6. GRIND GRIND GRIND - thats the ticket. join any hit you see to get chests. do alot of invader runs.
  7. speed up egg or timer one hour mission if less then an hour left for next mission.
    if you do all that you shoud have it every season. (and thats being very active)
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And always pick the discount branch, no matter how lame they are!


Ok I admit trivial is an exaggeration. But plenty of people get one mythic every season as e2p, so with a full extra season of savings it shouldn’t be too hard, for an experienced player.


Now I absolutely agree :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

And babies who know who and when to listen


I struggle with getting it. I’m active saved about have way through last season. I have 12 keys so not sure I will make it.

It’s just about managing and using resources the right ways.
Right now my strategy is save all my gold and bronze chests and open them all in the first pvp of every season (when 2 branches are on discount) get the discounted branches completed, and that’s 2/3 to a mythic

I did this last season (although only 1 branch was on discount then, so things a little different), and I will be doing it again next seaosn for another free mythic.

i hear it’s possible even in gold. -probably with atlas of course.

u sure you’ve been playing actively for 2.5 yrs? your level seems very off. maybe with a few long vacay? :thinking:

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There is, people just have to put effort into it. Mythics should never be participation trophies that you get just because you showed up. If you cant get one then it falls to you as the player for not trying hard enough/playing properly. If your team isnt active enough to get the final team prize each event then you may may need to think about finding a more active team. It’s not a requirement to get a mythic but it makes it much easier if you dont get both discount lines finished.

Im E2P and Naja is my 7th free mythic and before a few months ago I was only on Platinum teams. The key is to save up resources for the next season. Open your chests during the first pvp and get the discount lines while they’re half off.

I used to get a mythic every other season until last spring when I got into the rhythm of setting myself up to get one every season by managing my resources properly. This season I’ll finish my 4th line for the first time and end with more chests and rubies than I started with. It gets easier each time. If you save up them the 2nd discount line has only made it easier, even with the cost increase


I get one every season and i mostly play in plat 4, I don’t even spend anymore than elite

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