MysticDragunz3 is looking for addicts

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Looking for More (Recruiting)
LFM – Platinum 1– MysticDragunz3– lvl 200+

[LFT Sub-Category]


Language: English / Alien
Time Zone: Any
Played time: Any
Age Range: 18+ (adults only :bikini:)
Elite Account?: yes
Dragon Roster Includes: Any
Highest Lineage Dragon: Any

Crazy bunch no Life and no sleep ppl :vampire:‍♂ :vampire:‍♀
Participate in events, quests, atlas and wars. Aim for last team achievement price, lvl 10 quest chests, troops training and glory killing, 7 flames war :fire: :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:.
Fly Hauheset like a king :crown: if possible
Very Active/…active :unamused:
Use LINE app

Stay loyal and you shall enjoy this game and kick ass!!

Check us out and apply to our officers.
Have fun burning bases :boom:


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Almost had me until I read about quests. Good luck.

Lol y? Quest is so easy to do now
Sometimes I didn’t even realise it was done :white_check_mark:

Just participation is the requirement, 1 quest a day. Maximum 20 mins due to waiting for timber/food transfer.

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You ask for quests but don’t talk about achievement? That means it seems like a waste of my time. I’d rather get 1.2k sigils than a quest chest.

We always push for the last team achievement.
We got 8/8 on the last event so why not get both team achievement and lvl 10 quest chest!!
Pvp event is next so will see how we will go this time, most of us are mega maniacs :rofl:
Last KW we ranked 2nd, damn not 1st :unamused:

Activity and participation are the most important part of events. That’s y we have HIGH ENGAGEMENT medal :medal_sports:.
Tbh, we always get lvl 10 quest chests even with the old quest systems due to everyone efforts and also some members got beyond 300 quests points.
The new system is even easier to do since the requirement is much lower.

I’m helping the team on recruiting at the moment, I am normally just trolling around here or doing atlas stuff :v:

Last war was yesterday. Got declared on the last minutes but we won by 20 points. Huge wave :ocean:
And the previous war was surprisingly 350 points with 51 attempts :scream:

Have fun!

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Thanks Cye around :hugs:

Bump !!
Ok it’s the end of season… we have almost half of the team members got the mythic dragons. Pretty easy to get if you join us. We can teach you how to enjoy this game.
We r looking for participants in events, quests, atlas and wars.
Need to replace some alts. So we are looking!!!

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Bump !!! Where r u addicts?

I’d like to join but lower then your 200 plus requirements

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Lower than 200 is fine as long as you are active and able to participate and follow the rules :+1:.

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Still recruiting for the new season. Let’s go and kick ass :smiling_imp:

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