Mythic Ammo Rune Conspiracy

Many of you may not be aware, but Mythic Ammo with Secondary Rage runes only drop from silver chests during the Kingdom Wars event.

This is the only rune I currently need for my Noctarn. I have been patiently waiting to only open silver chests during Kingdom Wars. During the last two KW events, I opened over 1100 silver chests. Still no mythic ammo. While grumpy, I’m still patiently waiting and saving. I have been attempting to get this rune for approximately 18 weeks already.

But now, PG has completely screwed my chances of getting a mythic rune anytime soon. Last week should have been Kingdom Wars given the normal cadence, but it was changed to Fight Pits. PG instead moved Kingdom Wars to this week. Being the last two weeks of the season, there will be super sigil chests instead of silver chests. It will likely be at least 8 more weeks until Kingdom Wars returns.

Why is PG only offering this rune during one PVP??? And why move THAT PVP out of all of them when it is the only one this rune drops in? Other runes like mythic rage drop during multiple events. Is there some reason PG is restricting access to mythic ammo runes?

I’m just extremely disgusted that i will now have to wait yet another 2 months to try to get this. Dragon relevance passes so quickly in this game, its very frustrating to have restricted capability to improve my dragons during their limited shelf life :unamused:

From me and my Snow, please consider adding mythic ammo drops to more than one event.



They should allow to toggle special and regular chests like they did for missions quest.

Tap! Silver chests.
Tap! Special chests (runic/super sigil, platinum/etc.)

I wanted to open silver chests too…


Because people hate KW so they are less likely to spend during it. FP is one of their big mega coin events so they wouldnt want to run it during sigil chest weeks. This is not the first time they’ve swapped KW around so it was at the end of the season.

Dont be so dramatic, Veruca

I believe there are 14 different legendary dragon/tower drops. That means to gurantee the one you want you should save 1400

I think it’s 21, two copies of each legendary, one of each mythic. So you’d need 1600 chests (bonus chests will also drop 2 good drops for every 600 regular chests) to be absolutely sure.

I hardly think being irritated about waiting 36 weeks for a rune is being dramatic, most dragons arent even useful for 9 months :roll_eyes: and its Becky thank you


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24 (8 sets) with Ammo


Ah, so 1818 chests (18 regular drops + 6 bonus drops) to be certain to get one.


I feel like they did it specifically to prevent anyone from getting mythic ammo runes, thus the entire point of this thread :roll_eyes: clearly its not to spite me specifically, but Im glad this is your takeaway instead of the point being why dont they just make it available in more than one event like the other runes. Please feel free to continue with your opinions on me personally instead of contributing to the rune conversation


Is it possible to make an Exotic Ammo Rune being a choice in Exotic Rune branch? @PGGalileo

cc @YukonDragonfly

I’m guessing you don’t know Yukon all that well if you think she would post something like this bc she felt spited personally. There are a ton of people who have been saving silvers just for ammo drops who feel the same aggravation. Her post was valid and asked the right questions. Why not more ammo drops instead of tying them to one event.


You just missed out then. You need 1300 chests to complete one silver chest cycle. If you kept going you’d have got the ammo last time round.

Also there’s no guarantee the ammo rune is in the same spot as last event (in fact more likely than not it will be elsewhere).

I would actually take this opportunity to save up silvers. As many as you can.

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There’s also a mythic rage glyph conspiracy out there somewhere, someone I know claim they got it for coming in first place global in a pvp event. During spring veil season? Or sometime thereabouts…And yes I too have been waiting and waiting for kingdom wars to come, I have about 800 silver chests saved up :sob:

The elusive glyph in its natural habitat.

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1818 actually, in ammo weeks.

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It doesn’t vary as much as you are implying. If you get a mythic ammo once, history shows you’ll be close to it again the next event. It seems to move slightly ahead of itself in the sequence

Must be inflation!

Im in the same situation as Yukon but i don’t believe in any conspiracy: PG was just driven by their will not to put TR in discount period

However, putting mythic ammo drop in other silver chests sequences would be greatly appreciated by players. Although it would probably screw most people because it will be hard to refrain from opening silver chests and therefore build the necessary stock