Mythic Ammo rune

So if you get a Mythic Ammo rune dropped should you stop opening chests? I got one after 120 chests or so. Should I save the other 350 until next time?

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Lucky you
I only got a mythic rage

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I also got mythic rage. :unamused:

Yeah I know I got extremely lucky. I remember reading a post before about how the order of them went and there is a strategy once you get one. I just can’t remember what that strategy is! Lol. Something about how to get another one.

Maybe this thread

If this still applies, you should stop and wait for next KW. You should get another mythic ammo in a couple of hundred chests

Do you have happen to have recorded the sequence before the mythic ammo drop? Especially what were the legendary/mythic drops?

I had a couple legendaries earlier in the sequence. The last one was a fire flak one. Can’t for sure remember the first legendary. Maybe rage. But no I didn’t track anything sorry.

Thanks for the link to that post!


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This must be a joke … :rofl: opened 500 x silver and zero mytic ammo ! i fell like wasted :stuck_out_tongue:


Hear ya.

My main has been trying to get one for about a year. My alt, which is only lvl 156, has two of them.


going to punch something !!! lol need pew pew some pudding maybe !!! thats hurt indeed :joy:

Opened 930 silver chests and still no mythic ammo yet🤷‍♂️

Lucky I got none of them lol

SCANDAL !!! LoL :rofl:

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I’d say it’s just time to hang up your hat. That’s terrible!

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I opened 1160 last kw and didn’t get one and before that I had saved up 880 for another kw and didn’t get one then either. I use to just open when I got them but after a year of playing I figured saving for a season or more would be the smart thing to do. After two years of saving and opening in bulk I’ve kind of just given up.

Wow. :sob:

Opened my silver chest savings as well: 1.4k on one acc and 2.3k on the other.
Both got 1 mythic + 2 and 4 legendary ammo runes. 2 mythic rage runes on top.

Wow that’s rough! I thought I read that 1100 should guarantee you one pretty much. That sucks.

I’ve actually heard 1800 but not even sure where I heard that. I will say I thought for sure 1160 would do it or I would have just kept saving. Can’t remember but pretty sure it took about two seasons to be able to stockpile that many. Needless to say it was beyond depressing, especially after I saved close to 900 the previous attempt. I got one legendary ammo rune each time I opened a bunch but never a mythic ammo😔

Here’s a partial sequence:

Legendary “dragon” runes:

  • leg. ice flak hp
  • mythic hunter hp
  • leg. fire flak atk
  • mythic rage
  • leg. lightning atk
  • mythic warrior hp
  • leg. warrior hp
  • leg. fire flak atk
  • mythic ammo
  • … …(This is 9 items of a 24-item sequence, so if you don’t see these, you’re in another stretch.)

The complete “legendary” monument runes sequence:

  • L healing striker
  • L archer striker
  • L healing striker
  • L lightning striker
  • L blue hp
  • L poison striker
  • L storm striker
  • L cannon striker
  • L trebuchet striker
  • L red mage hp (not seen, assumed based on past events)

If you don’t understand how silver chest drop sequences work, look at a past kingdom wars in The order of things in the lists is shuffled each time, but the length and contents of the lists appears to stay the same from one Kingdom Wars to another. Pulls from the good “legendary dragon” list that contains ammo and rage runes are 101 chests apart, except that 2 out of 20 bonus chests also pull from the same list.


Yeah this looks right. I didn’t get the mythic warrior but I got two legendaries in 120-130 pulls and then a while later the mythic ammo. For sure the last legendary was a fire flak one but I can’t remember the first one. I would say likely I got exactly that then. Cool. I didn’t open a single other silver chest after the mythic because I had read somewhere if you got a mythic ammo and waited until the next time you would likely get another mythic ammo within 200 chests or so next time KW came up. Hopefully that’s true.

And for all those who’ve been trying for so long without getting any, I feel like a jerk getting one so fast first try. :grimacing: my lucky day I guess.