Mythic Arcanum Release

When the mythic arcanum will be available for breeding ?

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Week 9 hopefully is when they will be released.


Week 9 is breeding event ?

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Week 9 is indeed a breeding event. We’re currently entering week 8 which is pvp (probably stupid Pits)

Hopefully we’ll get a preview for them later this week, though Im not holding out hope of them being good.


Legendary Arcanum was released this season (February). So Mythic Arcanum would be released next season. You might get a sneak peek before end of this season. If I remember correctly, every tier since Sapphire was released over 2 seasons.

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No it wasn’t, it was released week 10 of winter season.


Thanks. I stand corrected.

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Everyone is using Quasar now and alot isn’t holding out hope for Sorath. So that leaves us with only Xul.

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Im at least hoping the warrior is dark, i could use a new mythic for my perch. I assume it’ll probably be earth or fire though, we need more fire mythics /s

I would not hold my breath on that. The hunter maybe but I doubt we’ll see another good warrior or sorcerer for a few years

I’m actually with any 1 of the 3 being good, my main issue now is that once my Quasar dies, I’m kinda done for. The rest is quite difficult to handle 120s

Would you mind sharing what makes you think so? Last tier, all three mythic dragons were very good and quite balanced except Garnath which was rapidly nerfed but was still good after the nerf. Also, let’s all keep in mind there might be an invoker instead of sorcerer this tier. However, looking at Balor, this isn’t a guarantee of a quality


If it is, it will be interesting to see if they pulled mythic ammo from that event as well. But did KW and Pits used to come back to back? I don’t recall.

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Last tier that had 3 good mythics before Verd was Vanguard. A 2 year gap seems about right for PG :woman_shrugging::man_shrugging:

Why would they? We’ve had FP since they removed KW and it still had the ammo rune. We’ve seen it’s not in the CC chests so FP is the only one left (currently) with it. No reason to pull it since it’s one of the only times people actually open a large number of silvers

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hope the lineage mythic warrior is ice. last was destar iirc

We already have an arcanum ice warrior though. I dont really see the 2 arcanum warriors both being ice. With PG it’s possible but it would be weird

valens and archon were both earth at empyrean tho, so i thot it was possible

edit: i forgot harb with morthil and destar both ice

Elements are usually lore based not logically assigned. PG yolos it I believe. The unexpectedness makes it fun.

What I’m interested in here are the dragon trailers for the legendaries so I can see their animations - unless they stopped doing that and I missed something