Mythic as E2P or F2P

Hi all. Looking for concrete ideas to give to my teammates who are E2P/F2P to get a mythic.

Not really looking for the low hanging fruit like “grind more bronze chests,” or “save rubies until super sigils.” Yes telling people ‘get more active’ will help them, but that’s just so…nebulous?

I’m hoping someone out there has put together an actual system they’re willing to share. Examples would be X prize in troop building every time (gets you much needed timers), X prize in any given PVP, set mission balloon to egg, egg, timer prizes, what atlas events are easy to max as a F2P/E2P, etc.

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Oh, man. There are multiple topics about this and most of them have the same answers.

There’s really no other “system” you’re looking for but be super active, grind, do well in events and be on a team that ranks top on leaderboard. As well get the minimums for those extra sigils we all need.

If this doesn’t help than you’re not really putting the extra time.

  1. Save chests for a season. Enough so that you can get both discounts in the next season.
  2. Hit the score above 8/8 every event. 43k for pits, 96k for gauntlet and TR, 82k? for CC. At least 3M in fort and 254k? in breeding.

I did this my spring season (first mythic F2P). I started at about level 280ish. I didn’t have to open a single super sigil chest.


There are so many factors that contribute to getting a mythic f2p. Most say they that they are willing to put in the effort to do it but few actually are.

HIGH activity in both main game and atlas make it much easier to obtain but the time required make most give up hope. Egg tokens and timers from both are critical.

Yes grinding bronze chests will be required. Sorry. Even as a moderate spender, I have to do this to just to keep progressing towards my end goal but it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make bc I’m dedicated.

Best advice I can give to your teammates (I’m assuming they aren’t end game since they aren’t getting one every season) is to not worry about getting one. Sometimes getting a mythic means sacrificing rss that would be better used in progressing. Ie draconic chests for more egg tokens and pvp rss. Probably not a response they would like to hear but a necessary one.


Personally if you are interested in getting a mythic taking a season off is silly. It nerfs your progression and sigils available. I’m E2P and have gotten a mythic every season since Pathox (3rd season playing). It has actually gotten easier than it used to be. If they have spent all their sigils this season use next season as the build season. Hit the discounts hard for the prizes. Then continue to hit the marks that were previously posted for events but save sigils and rubies. Use the golds through about week 7 or 8. When the festive comes out put all sigils into that and draconics. When super sigils come out use those to get more draconics. I find that 100 golds, 400 draconics on a 8/8 team gets you the 2 discounts then you just need 1 line and the festive. 5 of my mythics have been in plat non 8/8 teams. In that case 300 golds and 400 draconics at season start and can only do a couple limited time/trading post things.

In my current team I started the season with 100 golds, 350 draconics (was greedy last season) but have had a mythic for several weeks. I was greedy again this season so did some limited time and 2 extra lines I think. I’m at 150k rubies and not quite done with festive so not gunna max out the draconics again which makes me sad.

I don’t have time to grind chests and the last year have actually used a bunch of megas (10-30 per event) along with supers when time allows. I bought a pack when I was under level 100 and it didn’t get me crap for progression so that was it.


So I think you actually can come up with a system given how many people keep sooooo many averages out there. Average bronze chests per run, then average drops per bronze chest, etc.

I believe you could back into a literal system by starting with what you need and working backwards. The thing is I don’t want to do the work if someone already has.

I like how specific you’re being :slight_smile: to clarify, do you use up all the gold chests at the beginning of the season then save until week 7/8 or do you save all gold even from the previous season until week 7/8?

Here’s an introductory list (warning work in progress):

  1. Be on a team that hits at least 5/8 team prize and 6-7/10 event prize.
  • 450+ sigils per event, 5850+ sigils per season.
  • 300+ rubies per event, 3900+ rubies per season
  1. Claim your team prize!
  • 250 sigils per event (assume Platinum), 3250 per season
  1. Complete all daily quests every event
  • 100 sigils per event, 1300 sigils per season.
  • 200 rubies per event, 2600 rubies per season

4a. Achieve 1 million in Fortification (helps your team reach the 1.2k sigil team prize)

  • 1850 sigils per event, 5500 (3x Fortification) or 7400 (4x Fortification) per season
  • 8625 rubies per event, 25875 (3x Fortification) or 34000 (4x Fortification) per season

4b. Achieve 3 million in Fortification

  • 3350 sigils per event, 10050 (3x Fortification) or 13400 (4x Fortification) per season
  • 12925 rubies per event, 38775 (3x Fortification) or 51700 (4x Fortification) per season
  1. Achieve 116k in Breeding
  • 1450 sigils per event, 4350 (3x Breeding) or 5300 (4x Breeding) per season
  • 5255 rubies per event, 15765 (3 Breeding) or 21020 (4x Breeding) per season
  1. Achieve 88k in Fight Pits
  • 2400 sigils per event
  • 9550 rubies per event
  1. Achieve 199k in Temple Raid
  • 4075 sigils per event
  • 18625 rubies per event
  1. Achieve 199k in Team Gauntlet
  • 4075 sigils per event
  • 18625 rubies per event
  1. Achieve 320k in Crystal Caves
  • 3750 sigils per event
  • 17750 rubies per event

Bonus! Finish Assault up to Obsidian
80 sigils per tier, 880 sigils total


I’d just open all the gold chests I have stashed from previous season and all bronze chests I have hoarded from the previous season. It really isn’t that hard after you get your first mythic if you know what your doing. Normally you’d use how many rubies you have stocked up from the previous seasons to boost the odds and make sure you have all discounts done and those next 10 weeks makes sure you can get to the normally it was 3rd sigil mark but I’d say 4th if your feeling lucky. But however as you level note that it might be more important to use rubies on other chests besides sigil chests.

I don’t use any money though.

I normally get 5th mark now though so that was progressive from 2018 - 2021

Normally the recommended amount of rubies for sigil chests was 150k now the average has increased to 170k, I’d recommend have at least nearly 500 gold chests and around 5k bronze chest for beginners it’ll only guaranteed one branch is done but it will be a less painful way to increase your odds of getting one F2P.

Here’s one thing I’d recommend analyze how many rubies it takes you to get nearly 38k sigils cause that’ll help you understand how much rubies you’ll need to max a single branch.

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Now, if we look at this season’s events (warning work in progress):
4x Fort, 3x Breeding, 2x Temple Raid, 2x Crystal Caves, 1x Fight Pits, 1x Team Gauntlet

Sigils from events = 500+880+33875 = 35255 (6425 during discount)
500 gift
7400 (4x Fortification)
4350 (3x Breeding)
8150 (2x TR)
7500 (2x CC)
2400 (1x FP)
4075 (1x TG)
880 (Assault Red-Obsidian)

Sigils from team prizes and all quests = 10400 (1600 during discount)
5850, 3250, 1300

Rubies from events = 150690
34000 (4x Fortification)
15765 (3 Breeding)
37250 (2x TR)
35500 (2x CR)
9550 (1x FP)
18625 (1x TG)

Rubies from team prizes and team+indiv quests = 6500
3900, 2600

Sigils earned during discount = 8025, Remaining sigils = 37630
Rubies earned: 150690+6500 = 157190

Scenario 1 for 20 keys (should cheapest or close to it): 77450
Discount dragon (6) 18750
Discount base boost (6) 18500
Mission (1) 5850
Champion (3) 10700
Rider (4) 23650

Scenario 2 for 20 keys: 86100
Discount dragon (6) 18750
Discount base boost (6) 18500
Mission (1) 5850
Rider (6) 37000
Festive (1) 6000

Sigils needed from chest to finish 2 discounts: 37250 - 8025 = 29225.

  • In Scenario 1, you’ll need 40200 sigils for the rest of season, and be 2570 short
  • In Scenario 2, you’ll need 48850 sigils for the rest of season, and be 11220 short

Summary: I initially messed up the math on rubies, but now that I redid it, you should be able to get 20 keys with some rubies left over. You’ll need enough Gold chests to get both discounts during discount week though.

Summary: You’ll need around 1416 gold chests or its equivalent during the discount period. 20 bronzes is ~1 gold chest in terms of sigils. If you have 500 golds and 3000 bronzes saved up, you’ll need to have ~300k rubies saved up. Chugging through the rest of the season, you’ll definitely have enough rubies to make up the difference with super sigil chests. You’ll also have a good stash of gold chests to start next season with.

One thing to note is that this season had 2x Fort and 2x TR and CC. Those are all highly profitable events and next season will likely be more difficult. So girdle your loins lol.

Lastly, you can always map this out on the season planner provided by Zamirathe.


Extrapolating to next season, discount period will have Fight Pits and Breeding. Oof…

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I’m a F2P. I saved for a season and then opened all gold, drac and plat chests during the first pvp event. Maximise the discount branches and then save sigils until festive. Finish that branch and redeem as many draconian chests as ican. Get a mythic every season and it sets me up for the next season. Never had to spend any money on this game.

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Perhaps I mis-remember but it seems like this tells you what you need. Not necessarily the best way to get it. For example, timers. I know there’s a lot in atlas events but what’s an optimal score for F2P in those? No freaking clue. Max it out isn’t necessarily the best answer if you need to manage rss.

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I use all chests other than silver and rubies (golds) during discount period to get max half off prizes. After that I will save rubies but use the gold chests during PvPs that I get from events until I hit week 7 or 8. After that I save golds, plat and draconics for the next season. I usually don’t save bronze chests. I save silvers and use the sequence to get the runes I want.


Well, Atlas is very simple. Imho, you don’t have to get a single lick of glory to get lots of Atlas timers. Atlas for the non-glory inclined folks boils down to:

  1. Choose egg tokens as your daily prize.
  2. Farm beasts until you run out of multipliers.
  3. Train troops.
  4. Craft gear and level up seasonal riders when the crafting event rolls around.
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:thinking: this really depends on team activity, and what season we’re in.
With unpredictable content (can’t spread infos from the future :eyes: :speak_no_evil: ), it’ll be even more harder to specify the minimum requirement.

Best advice I can give is using Zami’s planner and assume the minimum team reward for it.


Sounds like it assumes the cost with 2 discounts without enough sigils to complete them for the first 2 events, plus only SSC to cover the differences.


In this case, might as well separate sigil gains during discount week (2 events + gold chests) from the rest of the season (SSC + 11 events)


That is true… :slight_smile: I’ll go back and rework it once I get a chance. They’ll have extra sigils leftover in the above scenario but it’ll be better for future progress because they won’t be tied to having to get the cheapest keys and skipping the trading post.

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A system can only exist if we are allowed to assume enough ressources to execute on whatever plan we come up with. Currently existing player ressources might be all across the board.

One big thing is to realise that all you do has to be for gaining playing ressources. Super sigil chests are only really desireable to buy if you got the festive line done and are buying draconics. If you cant, buy gold chests next season instead. Depending on activity level, one season of this can get you started. Low activity players might need more.

So the first season might well be one of saving up, and all sigils will be spend to max chests. Depending on where the player stands in game, the goal can be festive for dracs, or has to be golds for playing current season. In the later case, use rubies saved to start next season by opening golds.

Then the hard step. The first time you can barely maybe just so if you… get a mythic by buying super sigils, dont. Start next season with a big amount of chests instead. Have higher event scores, get more prizes.

Try thinking of the mythic as a side goal, like personal 8/8. Try to get above 1k saved golds per season. Not posssible on the first, and likely not the second season. But try.

The mythic is normally a paperweight by next season anyway :man_shrugging:

“Low “activity players or do you mean “ reasonable “activity players?

Reasonable players will find the game pointless if it requires two seasons to offset our unbalanced economy!
Low activity players won’t really care because they are low activity to begin with….

They only goal of the core game is to grow and acquire a mythic and that takes two seasons of saving ……?
No wonder no one stays to play anymore ……it’s two seasons before they can offer competitive play!

Trying thinking of the mythic as a complete distraction that it is ………

Try thinking of the mythic as pay to compete content…….

Trying thinking of it as a reward that has been made into a objective….

Yes the mythic is a reward for participation and by letting our economy
falter and degrading our economy with 40 plus currencies they have made
what should be a reward into a objective!

Malik looks at his 20 keys and laughs and tosses them back into his inventory……

Maybe I’ll redeem them for a subpar mythic that is a useless paperweight or maybe I’ll just cash them in for chests because either way the content is going to last about the same amount of time…… lol

Here hold my burden of play :poop:
While I gather up all these keys to redeem for a mythic I’ll barely fly or a handful of gold chests that will offer me next to nothing for time spent playing……

These 2 things are what is killing the game. F2P struggle hard for resources. We may play for free but we put in probably double the effort too. Even the drop rates during the most popular times to open feel changed at times which triggers my conspiracy theory…is this thread another attempt to squeeze out F2P entirely by changing drop rates at those times? And no. I do not trust PG’s integrity of fairness towards the player base.