Mythic as E2P or F2P

And I quote
“ we do not support all play styles equally we support as many play styles as possible “

Does anyone think that’s ok ?


I would actually spend if I felt the value matched the purchase. For “my play style” It doesn’t.


F2P and E2P you need to complete 3 branches plus 2 keys from partially completed branches…either way you’ll have to save rss for several seasons…your lvl and time-in-game will determine how many seasons you will have to dedicate to your stash meaning NO GOLDS AND NO RUBIES

concrete: during your season(s) of hoarding finish as much of the Base Boost branch during the discount period as possible…finish half of the ETM branch…finish as much of the Electrum Tower branch as possible (or whatever branch that has the most golds) all without opening gold chests or spending rubies

concrete: you need to begin the season with at least 400 gold chest…open them during first PvP of the season

concrete: finish both discount branches within the discount period then go for half of the ETM branch.

Everything else is determined by your time-in-game and efficiency of your Inner Fire use…your 3rd branch should be the branch with the most golds (currently the Electrum Tower branch) I got my last 2 keys from half the Cosmic Orrey branch (about 6K sigils) and nearly finishing the ETM branch. This was my fornula for Ikaros…this is also why I don’t have Krelos (discount at the time)…during the seasons I was hoarding, I only finished the Base Boost branch and the Electrum Tower branch (the branch with the most golds) do as many ETM’s as possible (your time-in-game) and rubies are for Super Sigil Chests or Draconics if you want back to back mythics

Contrary to common belief grinders are not all f2p :man_shrugging:
There’s a whole bunch of competitive grinders who play to compete directly with spending play styles and they used to play here …………………
Used too……
And believe it or not true grinders will spend aggressively if and only if the value of our activity allows us to offer competitive play!
Which we have not see a real adjustment to drop in years and drop rate and drop density are the backbone of our economy yes no adjustments in literally years………

You can make resources available through prizing all you like!
And you can make it possible to acquire a mythic e2p or f2p through massive planning and saving for multiple seasons and that will not help :man_shrugging:
Because the value of a players time has to be there for the health of player retention across ALL play styles!
For there too be any competitive play outside spending play styles pg will need to support competitive play for more than a handful of play styles :man_facepalming::boom:


I wonder how OP feels having this thread veer off in a different direction lol.


The op has received multiple reply’s pretty much exactly the same :man_shrugging:
Wether the threads resolved I suppose is debatable lol

There’s a few solid plans for acquiring a mythic above :facepunch::sunglasses:
I’d say most of the common approaches to getting it done have been covered and the resources to do so have been pointed out :man_shrugging:
So yeah your probably right it’s getting off topic and most likely will keep veering off :crazy_face:

Anyone have a another outside the box approach to getting one ? Lol

You don’t have to be crazy “active” in order to save… if you want to mythic you need to plan/save your rss… if you are less active just save longer before pushing for a mythic. It’s not all that complicated.


The mythic is no problem at all, the newly added tokens are a big issue, and to perch a dragon or not, we must counts tokens end of the season.
Without enough tokens, it’s a expensive dragon that will be a perched one way to soon.

Edit: I played this season with atlas elite for 50% the season, and all months buyed ingame elite.
I do have the warrior, and 6 tokens atm underway to seven.
There new game mechanics doesn’t allowed me to get all tokens without using my stuff for next season as E2P.
Next season will be very boring if I can stay interested playing a season without the rss to hunt the mythical.
So yes E2p is than history, and than f2p and skipping a season to hoard for the next season should become the newest tactics for me.
Saves me a lot of bucks to not buy any elite,.


They need to address this. It is very over-priced

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Seems like they not need my bucks anymore, almost at token 7, than token 8 is needed to get at least 1 exotic.
Adding the new stuff for tokens, let me decide what to do next season.
Me not paying ruby’s for a elite…
So simple solution, play next season for a minimum event score, don’t insert bucks, and get 250k+ ruby’s for the season after that and get all the tokens :see_no_evil:

atlas elite is op

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finish discount branches during the discount period then save ALL sigils and rubies for festive branch…short story short, go the Draconic way!

indeed…my new goal is claiming a Mythic during the discount period…gonna fire up the YouTube channel again for that journey

This season I had both discount lines claimed in the first 2 weeks.
Now with the extra runes and glyphs I have to see the last day this season if I get the exotics for nockmar.
That will tell me also what I will do personally next season, for now it just not look bright to myself to stay active.
I not pay elite, and miss the exotics for the mythics.
Than it will be a season hoarding, and do minimum points so safe rss above the stuff I got now.
5k bronze, 390 gold, few platinum and draconic and 145k ruby’s atm for next season,

This season I had about 140k ruby’s 500 gold and 4500 bronze… pg can correct me, if I got it wrong :grimacing:
I did play from start season with a elite account, so for the extra exotic stuff we need much more goodies to start a season.

I’m a free to play, claimed both discount lines at the start, open all my chests and then started saving again. I have got the runes for nockmarr but stopped at the skin. (Who cares). I have enough chests saved for next season again. I play and grind and it is doable. You don’t need to spend but you need to play the game and put the hours in. That’s 600+ draconian, 100 platinum, 1k gold and 4k bronze chests for next season. Bring on the hunter as zen needs to be retired

Thanks for the last reply.
They pushing us into the big alliance atlas crap to get a team that makes the best team rewards to get the max potential out of a hard earned mythical… sorry not interested in that.

nice what lvl are you…I’m at 414 Draconic’s 482 golds and 20K rubies which I may use up on more Draconics

I have 200 draconics, 100 plats, 490 gold and 240k rubies saved for last two seasons.

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Saving and planning in a resource management game based on a unbalanced economy🤦‍♂️
This used to be a tactical war game :man_shrugging:
Unless your a spending play style you might as well save everything every other season so you can actually play the game competitively once and a while ! Lmao

Enjoy saving and planning because that is the most excitement you will likely see!

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I am lvl 516, and not growing any more lvls this event.

I might switch to a season… The hunt for the research eggs.
For that I use my ruby’s, 30+ runs extra on daily base first egg balloon mission.
Yes that skips a mythical next season, but research eggs are most like in the pocket end of the season.

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