Mythic Ascension runes/glyphs

I wonder if anyone here knows, since my answer from PG was, it was intentional. So for this season in the mythic ascension branch, you get the same 3 runes/glyphs you got during the legendary branch. They didnt change with the spell sets like the previous season. Im curious as to why theyd give out the same 3 when you cant use duplicate runes/glyphs on drags or towers.

I’m not sure how to respond to your question. In my book it doesn’t make sense to me either.

“It was intentional” = there is no logic here

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That was for people who claimed all 3 (or just two) ascending dragons while actually finishing only one of them.

If they didn’t evolve any of the three, the evolution stones could be used universally on any of the ascending dragons.

So say, you claimed all three ascending dragons, just to have them all incubated for platinum chests and gold chests from dragon quests.

You finished telment branch, but decided to ascend durgotth. (One condition needs to be met; the evolution stones you claimed from telment branches shouldn’t have been used at this point.)

So you claim durgotth ascension, and get the missing epic, legendary runes and mythic glyph (because you finished telment branch instead of durgotth) from claiming durgotth ascension branch.

Hope this explains enough.


Better answer :+1:

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It’s for people who claimed one legendary ascending dragon but then chose not to ascened that particular dragon and used their stones on a different ascending legendary. One of the things people were concerned about when the ascending system was first introduced was that we had to make our decision for our mythic within the first two weeks of the season to take advantage of the rebate. What we didn’t know last season until they told us too late was that the evolution stones for those 3 dragons were generic, they work on any of the 3 as long as you didn’t already use them.

Like if I claimed the hunter line during the rebate period but waited for reviews and to see if he was gonna get buffed or nerfed. I end up deciding I dont like the look of him and instead want the sorcerer. So I claim Telment’s egg and then level him using the stones I got from the hunter. The problem though is I didn’t do the sorcerer’s line so I dont have his runes. When I unlock the mythic though I get a set of his runes


That makes sense. Getting duplicates is annoying but the reasoning is sound


Makes sense. Gracias