Mythic branch mystery item?

Quick question, I couldnt find anything about this and I was wondering do you need to purchase the 500 sigil gold chest to get this mystery item at the end of the branch, which I’m assuming is the next stone for the next tier?
I’m not really wanting to spend 500 sigils for 2 gold chests but if it’s the next stone I would… anyone have a link to this or know for sure?

Pretty sure that will eventually be a “next tier” stone/prize. No guarantee though.

That’s how it’s worked in the past. If you go back to the previous season it gets replaced with an item or items relevant to the new tier stone.

Before they did that they used to have nothing and the line would just change when they had the content ready for release.


Almost 100% certain you won’t be forced to buy the repeatable chest to get the last stone, that would be just a weird weird mechanic. I think they are in this order because you wouldn’t be able to reach the chest otherwise, until the next tier stone is shown.


Ok just making sure it threw me off there what I assume that is an repeatable chest… was in front of the mystery tier which is free :grin:.

Correct. Pretty sure it moves to the very end.

I’m guessing they don’t put the placeholder between it because it would either be functionally broken or look weird/unintuitive.

They have had things where you had to collect the entire line to get some bonus, and I think you may have needed to collect the repeatable at least once.


Ahh I see then… well thanks for the help guys :kissing_heart:.

So, what is he like??? Is he AWESOME???

Well I just got him… but he is pretty good… I think.

I’m at vanguard dragons and he takes my invader when he was at garnet stone ? If that helps at all. I’m pretty pleased thus far with his spell synergy :+1:

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He looks so cool. I hope I manage to get him! He’d be my first :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I think he is very solid, you shouldnt be disappointed with him I belive :+1:

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yep, like last season, the repeatable chest moved and was replaced by an elemental ember

Prize 15 - Gold Chest (repeatable) > Elemental Ember
Prize 16 - New Stone
Prize 17 - Gold Chest (repeatable)

Something like that.


This isn’t true.


Who wants to spend 500 sigils to continue to next stone? Everything was supposed to be free. I mean are t we even paying sigils for pictures now?

Let’s wait until the next tier is released (probably during before / after the last breeding of the season? :upside_down_face: )

People who want to evolve their divine?

Edit: oh you’re referring to the gold chests. That prize will move behind the abyssal stone when the tier is released.

Yes but overall cost is the same so it’s no different from free portraits and more expensive other stuff.

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You don’t have to collect the gold chest to finish the mythic’s line, though. It’s there as a sigil sinkhole for extra sigils, if you so desire. The mystery prize shows up after because the stone hasn’t been released yet. It will be moved once it comes out.

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