Mythic dragon as a free to play player

Hey everyone, first post here, just wanted to share a video on how I got a mythic free to play in my 3rd season ever! It’s definitely possible if you play right - and I think I’ll even be set up to get another mythic next season!

I’d like to hear others experience with getting a mythic free to play and how you approach it differently or the same, and if you manage to get it every season or have to save between seasons?


Next season will be my third season, and i got my first mythic zenko last week. Im F2P, i only purchase elite account.

I have planning to do before the seasons starts.
Currently i have 180 gold chest, 4k bronze and 5k remaining rubies that doesnt count and still have rss for pvp events. Will finish the discount in 1st or 2nd week.

Note: you dont need to burn rss to get the 500 sigil or 650, if you only can do the 450 mark its fine, because the rss you need to get the 500 sigil is doubled.

Grind bronze chests, that is veru important
Ember is my buddy dragon, i cant play WD if theres no ember, my minimum is 200 chest per day/ 1k chest per event.




Nice! I wish I had elite, would definitely make leveling dragons easier especially! Pain to grind out legendary dragons to breedable on 4-5 days to breed more haha


Wish I started playing when you made this video :joy: it’s so informative with tips and planning strategy that I had to figure out on my own. Thanks for the great content!

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Thanks! That’s the goal, to help people adjust there strategies or new players to learn good tips from the start! Hope some people can benefit! I have other general videos too so if you have friends or teammates send them my way :slight_smile:

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Very well done! It’s nice to see people showing what can be done with planning


150 gold at the start of the season to finish off the discount dragon? that doesn’t seem like too much, im sitting at 120 right now. I’m very sad that I feel just a little bit short of getting ronin this season :frowning:
I got sakura instead and am happy with her but ya i would’ve liked ronin. i’m hoping to get namaka next season tho (unless the other mythic is even more awesome).
now when you say 450 in every event are you including pvp? I have no problems getting that in minor events but i struggle in pvp events to get that. i almost never do nowadays.

Pvp results aren’t that hard to get if you are active and you have the pvp rss like energy and IF. So you need to open some gold chests in pvp to get those rss.

Depending on your level and what your plans are you may need to alternate between opening in pvp and fort. Some people open in breed to get more tokens.


Loved the video, thank you! I knew about the saving chests and rubies strategies, but seeing a real example of a player succeeding and the calculations of rss needed to spend really encouraged me to try in summer (will be my 3rd :)) or fall season.
Also I am planing to spend about 40k rubies on gold chests during discount period, so nice to see you made it even without saving everything for super sigil chests :wink:

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With only 150 gold chests I’ll have to score really well in the first couple events, it would be much better to have 300+ at the start of the season to help get discount dragon.

Scoring 450 in every event is not a must, it’s more a general goal. I didn’t score it in every single event, sometimes I fell short but other times I went up to the 500 or 550 milestone if I had enough resources and knew I would still be okay for next event (usually just during fort event).

I am also looking forward to seeing next seasons dragons! Would be awesome to have the first mythic of the new class :slight_smile:

Thanks I’m glad you liked it! Yea if you have enough rubies that you can spare some for gold chests that works fine! I started the season with 120k Ruby and spent 40k on gold chests, so had 80 Ruby left and earned 100k during season, so as long as you have decent store for the super sigils you should manage okay :slight_smile:

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From my observations it seems “active” means to be on all day every day, I just don’t have that time. The last time I had made the 450 mark in pvp was by spamming mega attacks. I’m usually low on if/energy packs so im always opening during pvp but rarely get what I need :confused:

Yes if you want to get the best things in the game for free it does take a lot of effort, but not all day every day. Maybe 1-2 hours a day, checking in frequently throughout the day.

I didn’t get 450 ever event, just case by case pushed if I could or stop at the one before.

Believe me. You would not catch me on the game all day every day. I just couldn’t do it.

There are days I’m on enough to do my gold runs and that’s it. Some days I’m on for an hour or two for pvp runs. Believe me when I say you DO NOT have to give up your life to get a mythic. And I have to stress this. Do not burn yourself out for one. Play smart. Play efficient. But most of all enjoy the game. Sure some restraint and planning is necessary but you should never dread logging in or force yourself to grind when it’s the last thing you want. It’s not needed.

Sure got top end progression you may need substantial grinding. But that’s a choice. Mythics do not need anything near that


Totally agree! It’s about play smart and planning that makes the big difference for a mythic. Really only takes an hour a day or so during some events. The rest is just fun and other aspects like atlas.

I had saved up 250 gold and 1600 bronze for start of season and that helped me to complete the discount dragon I’m the first two weeks quite easily :slight_smile:

Here is a clip of my chest opening if you’d like to see the drop rates and stuff in action, it’s all calculated at the end

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  1. I also had saved 160 Gold Chests and 1500 Bronze Chests at the start of the season. Only spent 12k rubies for 30 additional Gold chests that gave sigil drops.

  2. Opened all of the bronze chests in PVP and all of the golds in Fortification (including the ones earned during the events). I would have opened some in PVP but my base needed some boosting.

  3. Reached the 450 sigil prize in both events, did/doing daily quests for the 100 bonus sigils, and my team only got 4th and 5th team achievements for sigils (Gold 1 Team).

Only need 163 sigils to finish Dreth! Which I should get easily in farming bronze chests or casually with the daily quest 5th prize + Team placement prize.

As long as I keep up this pace in events I’m on track to get a mythic with the rest of the season’s earnings and super sigil chests OR opt for just getting the festive when I decide at the season end :blush:


That’s great! Hope you can keep up the pace! :slight_smile:

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Great job getting your first mythic and being well on your way this season.
Keep it up :raised_hand:

Only advice I would give is being mindful of how many flaks you run on your base with this chest opening strategy. Later down the road you may find you lack enough embers to run the base you want.

You’ll either have to slow down your base building to allow time to accumulate more embers or shift more of your gold openings to fortification for the embers.