Mythic dragon as a free to play player

Thanks! I will definitely keep that in mind and open some on fort if I need to.

I plan to stay with only 2 flaks for now, and yes i have had to plan out my leveling around tile when I earn more or not but luckily hasn’t become a problem yet. I got the base boost last season because I planned to level a lot which helped, this season I am supposed to take it slower (except I pushed to the 500 Sigil milestone again hahaha).


@MurderBNumbers Advice noted! I have 3 flaks at the moment at the same level, but no shortage of embers yet. I plan to rotate between PVP/Fort and, if necessary, breeding based on my progression needs. I hope time doesn’t become an issue, but I’ll play until I’m done collecting cute dragons :blush:

@Shivenzo I also pushed for that 500 sigil prize oops glad to know I’m not alone :joy:


If you care, here’s an update of my progress so far this season.
Managed to complete the discount dragon and then some, saving up chests was a real help!

Definitely makes a difference also what league your team is in… I notice a difference even in the platinum league from 5 to 3 even especially regard to how many Ruby I earn.

Video also included a little overview of the season and my thoughts.

This new multievent week allows more Sigil rewards so I sure hope they don’t increase the cost of a mythic… take a lot of extra effort and difficulty to get max prizes…


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