Mythic dragon swap?

If I haven’t used any of the evolution stones from caudart, can I swap to perwog or sothe? I remember this being mentioned in previous seasons as an option.

If yes, is there a way to swap runes as well?

There isnt. I think you are thinking of the previous seasons where you had to claim generic stones and the dragon as legendary to ascend it to mythic by choice.
Best you can do is write a ticket to support but I personally don’t think they can help you.


That is what I was remembering. Thanks!

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Nah when you buy a lemon you’re stuck with a lemon.

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Lemon that has ice flak phobia

Lemon that punches you in the face.

In all seriousness I think they actually allowed players to swap out mythics they don’t like back in the day but I guess that’s highly unlikely to even happen again if it even happened before.

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