Mythic egg cost vs tokens

remember seeing somewhere, but couldn’t find with a rough search

but is there a breakdown as to mythic fragments cost to tokens vs tier?

just at the stage again to either breed sapphire legendary with all mythics or hold a bit longer to do a full legendary garnet breed down the road



awesome, thx for fast response

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I would like to point out that this chart can be misinterpreted easily.

@SandyFistOfPG The mystic frag value only applies to one egg!
As soon as you breed more than one dragon with a breeding pair, your value declines.

Especially below Sapphire this is very common. For example you breed 2 gold legendaries at once with a breeding pair. So per egg, the mystic frag value would be 400 but since you breed 2 of them simultaniously the mystic frag value for that whole breed is actually 400/2 = 200!

Another factor that is often forgotten is builder hit / research eggs. The more mystic frags you use, the less additional eggs you get.
Make sure to get your builder hut eggs from a breed and once you got them, you can use mystic frags on the one dragon egg you want to finish. Red’s paths should show the amount of additional eggs you need.

Basically, mystic frags are one of the worst ideas ever implemented by PG and tricks players that don’t plan very carefully into wasting more tokens for additional builder hut and research eggs in the long run in my opinion.


Very important!



IMO, Mystic Frag is the true form of “guaranteed progress” (instead of 1,500 rubies breeding). Still, it depends on how we use it.

So you’re saying it’s as inefficient and as expensive as the “Breed 20” option and was sneaked into gold chests to dilute and devalue them by dressing up an option noone in their right mind would ever use and labelling it “Mystic Frags” to mislead anyone who doesn’t constantly do calculations, excel files and breeding guides while lowering the actual egg token droprate in gold chests?

Then yes, I agree.


Not suggesting you are wrong but it would be interesting to see the actual comparisons vs just words since words can and are often misleading.

I love frags. More the merrier! :joy:

I use fragments for 2 reasons:

  1. to fill small amounts if I’m balanced double breeds (a rare and an epic of same tier, where one is bred quite a bit before the next)
  2. to balance exact dragon breeds with event points (typical split is 34 mystics and 133xxx tokens for each 145.5k breed to yield 7500 event points on the nose).

OCD yet again :point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2:

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Think I have the same problem mecc😅

Must be an engineer thing😊

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You’ll want to avoid using mystic fragments when you have pairs that’ll also payout with research eggs that you need (more with sapphire and on), so don’t just go purely by conversion cost. :see_no_evil:


To get the most sigils during the discount, wouldn’t now be a good time to spend fragments ?

I’m thinking of using them for the lowest backbreads I can do.
And use my eggs for progress and builder hut eggs.

Unless the higher tiers have dragons without sidebreeds, they seem to hamper progress rather then help.
Or am I wrong and would I be throwing them away for nothing ?

Do not use fragments on backbreeds. If I’m not mistaken, those are sometimes the pairs that get you extra eggs, and anyways frags aren’t worth using on backbreeds 'cause they’re usually cheap. :t_rex:


Yeah, but they are the best way to get points.
I’m about to breed necura, vulcan and kelvin for 64k, but i would like to get the 450 prize.

Fragments seem a bit useless, as they will cost me builder hut eggs when used for progressing.

They’re not useless if you use them correctly/at the right times… they do get more points but using them more will prevent you from getting extra eggs in some pairs. Sacrificing breeding effeciency for some seasonal prizes is going to hinder you in the long run, especially if you overlevel. Are you on a breeding path? :t_rex:

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the fragments should only be used when
there is high percentage of dropping the unwanted egg that is not the cheapest
need point in event

In this case you are back breed and need event point, It would be better (not best) if you hatch them quick and train them then use the fragment for points on the next breed. Backbreed doesnt worth fragment because they are the wanted egg with high percentage of dropping (completely opposite condition)


Sorry, I used the term backbreed for breeding a dragon I dont need for progres.

The hatching the middle dragon is a nice idea of you.
Thanks for that, I could do that but will have to calculate if 200 fragments are worth 1 extra platinum egg.

Yeah. Im following one of reds. Cons and Whale.