Mythic Gear Restructure

Anyone else want to chime in about the ridiculous requirements to obtain the Mythic Gear?
Completing BOTH elite gear sections is utterly ridiculous. Most people will NEVER accomplish this. I know I’m not even going to try.
Was this gear purposely made for the 1% big spenders?
It needs to be changed to where you can get it right away. Same goes for seasonal Mythic lines; a person REALLY needs to complete THREE lines for a Mythic??? Do you know how much that can cost a Free To Play player?? And don’t make excuses like, “You can totally get a seasonal Mythic as a Free To Play player…”
No…the average player CANNOT. At least not a normal player who has a life outside of the game.
There needs to be a HUGE restructuring of how stuff can be obtained. I personally know of 30 people who’ve actually recently quit the game due to a very terrible game structure balance.
Not everyone can afford to spend thousands each month like some of those D1 teams.
Before the local favorites chime in with discontented comments, hopefully those who aren’t in the “favorite circle” will agree and support this.

I was with you until you threw in the seasonal mythics…then I started looking at it like I look at normal seasonal lines and I agree mythic should be very hard to get


Have you considered that maybe you’re a fairly casual player, and “Mythic” does not actually mean “Freebie for everyone”?


My question for you is: if a F2P player (average, not a grinder) can get the exclusive stuff easily, why would spenders spend? If spenders don’t spend, how does the game survive?


Well, I do buy the Atlas elite and regular elite but nothing else. I’ll admit to being a very active grinder. I just got my first mythic gear today after completing the two offensive lines. So, it’s definitely possible to get mythic gear and not be a whale.


Then how do you know you won’t make it?

Then what are people who play regularly going to play for for the rest of the season?

Nothing. They play for free

Not an excuse but a fact


I definitely don’t count as a favourite and still disagree with most of your post


Your whole point revolves around these being unfair for f2p players. And it’s not. I’ve gotten multiple mythics e2p and I’m close to another. And no I’m not some hardcore grinder. Hell I regularly put in half hour a day. That’s it. Whatever I need to complete my quests and events.

I’m also not in diamond. I’m also not some level 400.

The thing is. If there isn’t anything that is exclusive, what have we got to aim for? If mythic gear and dragons are easy to get. What’s stopping people just… not playing for most of the season? If I got my mythic in half a season I would struggle to get the motivation to play at all. Why can’t there be something that only those that play smart, hard, or with money can get. Preferably the former.


Only level 200, spend only on regular elite for the eggs, take great offence to the fact that I must not have a life, when in fact I all I do is use the resources so many of these “local favourites” have spent so much of their time creating, so that I can best manage my resources. I’m on track for the mythic this season and no it’s not easy but I wouldn’t want to play the game if everything was handed to me simply for logging on.


I can understand where you’re all coming from.
I will admit I was a little peeved while writing the initial post​:smirk:, so my tone was a little off-putting.:man_shrugging:t3:
Basically, it comes down to me (along with tons of others) who feel that a lot of the stuff shouldn’t cost so much.
Can you imagine a game where most players got the stuff which is offered? There’d be a very happy player-base and more player-focused content, which would generate even MORE money for them.
Just a thought…and tired of a lot of what’s been happening in the game.

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So you want the best stuff in game for free?


That’s called a stagnant game and one about to die.

You want a thriving game? Then every player needs to have something to work toward.


As a F2P player, I’m quite pleased with recent gear progress.

  • Mythic gears still gives bigger boost than maximum possible craftable gears, yet not big enough to make them OP gear.
  • Depends on performance, F2P can get this gear (ideal assumption).
  • Very hard for F2P means potential income for PG. This can support this game to a certain point.

One of my best WD friends barely spends. He’s so good with Atlas. He’s gotten the rider and the first parts of all the lines so far. Now he’s deciding which mythic set to get.
He did most of that from plat. (I say most, because they recently moved up to sapphire.) And yes, he also has a life outside of the game. He’s just damn good at how he does his Atlas.

…Meanwhile I’m in S1 and buy packs every month, and I’ve yet to finish one line - although I’ll get my def set before the season ends. I need to take lessons from him! :smile:

The gear is properly difficult to obtain, unless you know what you’re doing lol, and not gated behind a paywall. Two thumbs up.

I’m just glad I can finally get a full set of elite gear, because without atlas elite I haven’t been able to finish a single prize line in Atlas season.

Was this not just basically touched on yesterday?

No it’s not for spenders and yes it’s possible. More then just the mythic gear is totally possible for someone with just elite :+1:
Maybe try going at it a different way!

But if you honestly feel it’s impossible then just worry about elite gear. There’s really not all that big of a difference especially since your only getting half of a set of mythic gear anyway.

Plus the cost of leveling gear. I don’t think anyone on my (S3) team even managed to level a full set of legendary and elite gear to maximum before mythic came out.

It shouldn’t be easy to obtain being the newest strongest dragon/base modifiers. The cost should require maximum effort to have the newest shiniest thing. Pull up your big boy britches and get to work!


Also wanted to add that learning the mechanics of the game to be able to do well as a F2P also should not be easy.

The level of nerd needed to understand and appreciate how to use this to your advantage is in fact an advantage!

I also want to shout out to the nerd supremes, who certainly don’t need tagging as we all know who they are :eyes: You guys are amazing and have helped so many players learn the game, and still help people who ask, even though if they learnt how to use google they could simply find the answers themselves! I don’t know how you do it but I’m glad you do :heartpulse:


I got the past mythics from the past 3 seasons, im only E2P. All i do is plan ahead and do old school grinding, lots of it. There’s a bunch of threads here that points out everyone can get a mythic if you planned for it so yeah, it is possible :grin:

Maybe the structure is not the problem, im not saying it’s you but it could be you :woozy_face::woozy_face:


This game is simply this … "you get out of it what you put in it "… yes if you want something that big spenders are getting then yes you will have to spend… if you want a bite of what big spenders are getting without spending… then you should have to work your ass off to get it as F2p…

Just sayin :woman_shrugging:

I’m all for suggestions to help and make the game great again… but these, “gimme gimme” threads are a dime a dozen :roll_eyes: