Mythic Glyph of the Harvest

Does anybody know if the ammo buff on this glyph works with other dragons or is it specific to Fomhar?

Ammo works with any hunter, but the reap duration is specific to romhar’s spell.

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should work for all. The primary is exclusive thus far though and i dont see why you would put it on any other dragon at this point. Its a good dragon.


I am considering using it for Neptus. Do you think Fomhar is better than Neptus? I can see it’s a good dragon but am looking at all options before placing the Glyph.

Fomhar is a better lead than Neptus. Neptus is a better clean.

I dont have Neptus to know how badly it could use the extra ammo… I just think it is a shame to use a mythic for its secondary bonus when its primary is useful on a good dragon. But agian, i dont have Neptus so others would need to comment on that. :slight_smile:

Isn’t there a thread about Fom seeming to be short on Ammo? lol
Seems like an easy choice to me honestly but maybe that’s simply because i don’t have neptus

D’oh that was Airbean being short on ammo, my bad

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Just a side note. Fomhar and Neptus end with roughly equivalent AP. Both cap at Legendary Harbinger power.

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