Mythic hunter approaches with unknown Passive ability

Not in spell list but as winter season mythic hunter approaches release, it uses the pan hammer on all cheaters. F2P players awe at the sound of the pans

So what was this ban wave for :upside_down_face:

Mythic Hunter passive ability, no way to prevent it. This is why it is mythic

Heard there was a large banning spree, was surprised nothing on the forums about it. This what this is about?

Unrelated to this topic…

Yeah I’m surprised nobody has really said anything so far

Pretty scary to think so many accounts got panned

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:thinking: Takes more than this season’s mythic.


Love this mock up :laughing:

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Okay…I guess my next question is: what is this thread about?

There was a ban wave, and some teams lost a lot of people :smiley:

:joy: Seems like a glitch, doubt Angellus would cheat… I guess it depends on what PG consider cheating… Any clarification pg?

Anyone convinced that it’s a false positive should put a ticket in with support - .

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Yeah, but above was just told it’s unrelated to this post? I mean this is all above my pay grade anyways. But since it’s posted for all to see…

Ah, hadn’t seen that post :joy:

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Well, what are you questionable with regarding “considered cheating”? That might clear it up.

Was it cheating? I was told it was account sharing which doesn’t not seem as harsh as straight up buying reduced packs or hacking the game or something

Was mythic Hunters passive ability

Look at @forScience 's picture closely

That’s some great dragon right there ! :heart_eyes::+1:

From another thread: