*Mythic Hunters* requesting new peeps

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Time Zone:any
Played time:
Age Range: adult humor
Elite Account?:n/a
Dragon Roster Includes: prefer one that win!:smiling_imp:
Highest Lineage Dragon: vanguard preferred

About: Mythic Hunters Sapphire 3 team looking for 3 to 4 very active players in atlas is a must. We have 24 castles with 2000 eggs daily between atlas and league rank. We require 7/8 for prize for events but if we are close we like to push for 8/8 for team prize.!:+1: wars and quest are mandatory. 2 millon gold donated weekly, 100k of troops at minimum.
If you fit the grove and want in hit me here or send me a message in game at adam11483