Mythic ice flak pack


Holy cow… Who is buying this thing? No rubies, just a few chests to go with it.

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The 50$ mythic ice flak

Where is the millions of rune dust to level it up?




Unless the HP rune gives +50% not worth it :rofl:

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I already got a mythic ice Flak Hp rune I’ll pass, beside that cost way to much.

Last time they sold us a “Dark Flak Attack” Rune but that thing was like $20 bucks. Why they have to sell this one for $50+?.. :man_facepalming::see_no_evil::nauseated_face::face_vomiting:


You new to this game? PG always running a cash grab scheme

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Hahaha :joy: You’re funny :smile:
I been playing this game for 3 1/2 years+
Me new? :joy::rofl::joy:


WOW that price is ridiculous for what you get. Thank you once again PG for not tempting me by making it absurdly over priced. :+1::chunk:


Agree that it’s really expensive. Anyone remember what the extras were that came with the Dark Flak rune? These extras not worth the extra $30.

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Edit, This is a comparison showing what the dark Flak pack offered in response to the post above mine. This is not the current offer. Sorry if there was confusion…


Very interesting. Wonder why mine costs more. My offer has more worthless stuff, but not $30 worth.


The screen cap was of the offer a few weeks/months back.


Going off of what Lutrus said, I believe that offer was to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day if my memory serves me right.

Edit- I could be wrong, but it has the theme and everything. Plus I do remember it being a celebration of sorts.

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You are correct indeed, I was replying to the post above me that asked what was included with the dark flak pack a few months back.

Edit, not sure why it isn’t showing as a response​:thinking::thinking::thinking:


That offer was for st Patrick’s day.


Yes I know that. The post above mine asked what the dark flak pack was… I edited it so there is no more confusion…


Yes this new pack is a rip-off :see_no_evil:

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Absolutely Horrible deal. $50 to gain 2% increase over a legendary is absurd, not to mention the millions of rune dust to level it…


I’d spring for a mythic dark or ice attack GLYPH for like $30. I’m short on any good glyphs.


Is this not a little exspensive considering the dark flak mythic was only 19.99? I would love to own it but for $50 I do believe it needs tohave little more ooomph!!! Lol