Mythic Invincibility Glyph: Breeding

Invincibility…classic. Wtf is wrong with you guys


400K free rune dust. Although it’s disappointing, better than nothing.



Absolute junk.

Edit: Here’s a list of dragons that have invincibility from

@PGGalileo I’m glad to see that a mythic glyph was added and that is definitely a step in the right direction. But I must point out why this glyph is useless. You can see that this spell is only used on a handful of old dragons. Most of these dragons would be used by very low level new players who have 0% chance to get 520k in a breeding event. So basically it’s only good to salvage for rune dust.


Rolls up my sleeves in preparation for a round 2 glyph thread at… some point

So, on a positive note, I’m glad we finally have a mythic glyph in breeding, useless or not - more chances to get a better glyph, and worst case scenario it’ll be ‘free’ rune dust


This doesn’t mean we should still be hung out to dry in terms of trying to get a decent glyph, quality of offered glyphs need to be looked at


It’s nice to see mythic glyphs in breeding now, and at a reasonable prize tier, so that bit is nice. But it would be hard to pick a less exciting one. Hopefully it will be a better one next time.


I’m scared that PG will take that as a challenge for next breed :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:


Honestly i don’t care.

Zero incentive to go for this glyph. Who chose that trash?

If PG wanted to add a cheap glyph why couldn’t it be something like mythic wisdom that actually has a purpose after orange tier.

Hey gang, thanks for the feedback - when I originally presented this idea to the GPF they also told me that this glyph was going to be not super useful. When I brought that feedback to the team, they informed me that glyph selection is based on an automated system that pulls a glyph randomly from a “bucket” of glyphs and this is the one that was chosen this time around. I am going to push for us to update that “bucket” of glyphs to make sure the ones we have are more useful.


They could just send a PG “I’m sorry” gift to all players who claim the 520k prize with a “more useful” glyph.

I think we were a bit more harsh than that. :joy:


They cannot, because as they told us many many months ago when this was suggested, “someone will always complain.”

Best to let the masses suffer than risk a complaint from somebody (kind of like, deciding it was a bad idea to keep the players informed about changes to Antonius, for fear that somebody would complain about mailbox clutter).

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Out of the hundreds of support tickets that have been filed today, we haven’t received a single complaint about Antonius’ information being changed a day after it went live. There were two people confused about their Antonius progress being reset though!


Lol…you’re right then, clearly the player base does not care to be kept updated on important things! Never mind that I’m sure a ton of players aren’t even aware of the changes as we speak, and many more were probably concerned about their game breaking upon event start!

Nope, must be that players don’t want to be kept informed! Can just check the tickets! (why would someone file a ticket for that anyways…)

Guys, be nice to Galli. He is our only hopes.


If they aren’t aware then they didn’t click the link in the in game mail that went out to everyone and that’s on them at this point.


Lol I guess

We sent out an in-game mail that all players received earlier today with a link to the changes, so everyone should be able to find that information if they are looking for it. There is nothing in our data to indicate that people were confused or upset about the Antonius changes beyond what was here on the forum.

Are you really that upset that things turned out better than you’d imagined? I’m confused about your tone in this conversation.

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How would they know…? If they didn’t have him, they never got a skills-reset pop up. Anyways, you are missing the point.