Mythic obsidian choices. What's hot?

Just breaking into emerald (ferga will be 1st) and looking into obsidian paths. I definitely fly sorcerers better and am excited to get slax, nier and noctua in a path. What seems to be hot with obsidian mythic? None of the spell sets really appeal to me. Maybe these are just transitional dragons for harbinger and the power factor is their saving grace? Rhyo has hellspawn :+1: but nova is a one and done and I’m horrible at timing resurrect. Just read the thread on Girasol and his limitations besides being warrior. Mafic I don’t know how he works seems like 2 spells deplete ammo, 1 to heal 1 for area of effect damage.

They’re all pretty bad, but I had a good time with mafic

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Use resurrect if you see an island that would take out your dragon quickly or when your dragon is taking too much damage

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Rhyo is the only useful at all, but focus on your first Harbinger instead of Obsidian Mythics.

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I’m liking estril or shezard. Time to check red’s guide

Judging you so hard right now


I have estril because he was the only hunter… regret x10


Interesting. Lots of time to prepare, guess I’ll keep my eyes peeled for dragon reviews.

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