Mythic Perch Warrior - "Tower Ward 25% HP"

Description says:

Every 4 seconds, select one of nearby towers and provide shield with 25% of towers HP

What does this mean exactly? How do we select?


So for my mythic warrior, I have +10% Ice Resistance, +15% HP Buff and + 25% Tower Ward HP Buff.

If I’m understanding correctly all towers get;
10% reduction in attack power by Ice element dragons
15% increase in HP
25% increase in HP for a single tower over the entire region of the perch dragon that rotates randomly every 4 seconds? Is that correct?

So if there were 5 towers lets say to begin with… 3 now destroyed and 2 towers left on that perch area, the +25% HP Buff is going to bounce back and forth between the 2 remaining towers every 4 seconds?

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The shield stays up until the perch or tower is destroyed I believe

Perch destruction doesn’t matter anymore; all perch-related buffs persist per Echo in the perch zoning thread.

No offense, but neither answer addresses the question. To restate his question in my own words:

Since the +25% buff is applied (randomly) to a tower every 4 seconds, as towers are destroyed, does this buff only bounce between active towers? If there is only one tower left, does it get a permanent buff until it is also destroyed?

IIRC and in my limited experience with this situation, the last standing tower would get the hp buff. When the dragon breaks through that extra health, the buff disappears, then, 4s later (if tower is not dead), it reappears on that tower.

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He said buffs, but you think it still makes shields?

Took that to be a part of it, but you could always ping and double check, I suppose XD

Maybe is +25% HP like a shield?

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