Mythic Plan - Any Flaws?

Whew, I think I just had a brain malfunction :sweat_smile: ; anyway, you all are smart and good at math, while I’m not. So I was planning for a mythic sometime within the next two seasons. Would anyone care to look over my plan and see if there are any flaws in it? Also, am I the only one that writes down plans on paper or in my notes app to myself? Or does anyone else do it too?

While I can’t comment on the math I feel like I have to say this. If this is possible this is going to be exhausting. It is likely going to burn you out. As it’s a huge amount of work to do that every single day.

If you need that level of grinding to get it I really suggest doing it in another season when you are higher level or have saved rubies/gold chests


tl;dr: it’s way off.

I didn’t want to dive into this rabbit hole, but the first few lines made me cringe so hard. Use units in your math; it will help you see where you fall into nonsense. For example:

300 chests per day / 2 minutes per run = 150 chests * run per day * minute :thinking:
150 chests * run per day * minute / 2 minutes per run = 75 chests * run * run per day * minute * minute :confounded:

I think what you wanted to do was something like:

300 chests / day / X chests / run = 300/X run / day
300 / X run / day * 2 minutes / run = 600 / X minutes / day

And it sounds like you’re really hoping X is >= 2 chests / run.

It’s actually much simpler if you stick with those numbers, but I don’t know if those numbers are realistic. 2 chests / run divided by 2 minutes / run means 1 chest per minute. If you want 600 chests / day you need 600 minutes a day. That’s ten hours.

I don’t know if 2 chests/run is reasonable, that sounds like an @OrcaFrost question, and depends how many monuments you’re hitting.

After this your time math continues to be all over the place.
75 mins * 2 is indeed 150 mins. But 150 mins is 2.5 hours, not 1.5 hrs. Two lines later you’ve turned this into 300 chests per hour. You’re off by a factor of 5. 300 chests / 5 hours. If your assumptions are valid, which, again, I do not know.


For chest grinding there is a YouTube video from The Grind that listed his bronze chest drop rates.!


Getting a mythic is about your (and your team’s) activity level in events, not about how many chests your grind. From grinding chests hardcore you’re looking at maybe an extra few hundred or a thousand extra sigils.

Save your rubies and chests to open during the first pvp of the season to get the discount finished. Do well in events and manage your rss wisely. Use what you need to in order to hit the 450, 500 or 600 sigil prize without overextending yourself. Only open chests during pvps when you need things. By doing that, getting a mythic at the end shouldnt be too hard. If your team gets the final team prize then that just makes it event easier.

Dont over complicate it.


:roll_eyes: it’s about 15,000 / 81,000 , which can’t really be simplified into 5/27.
Say, give about 11k runs, and it will be closer


what he said.


Make the quote bigger!



there u go.

-you didn’t say whose.



Oh. Thanks for correcting me. Like I said before, I’m not good at math :sweat_smile:

Yeah, that’s what I meant. I was overthinking it :sweat_smile:

Okay, thanks for telling me.


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Im on a plat team, we only get the 8th team prize during Fort and I get a mythic each season now with only getting elite

My season always follows this plan:

  • to carry over around 70k-100k rubies, 200 gold chests and at least 2k bronze chests to a new season to be opened the 1st pvp.
    To do this I stop opening chests once I start my 3rd key the previous season

  • First pvp I open all chests and use rubies to maybe open another 100 or so. Between that and the first two events Ill have the discount done

  • once the discount is done Ill get the 100% token boost and use the 100 gold chests from the discount to work on my 2nd key

During forts I shoot for 6M or 8.5M points, during breeding I shoot for 250k or 390k points.
Pvps I shoot for the 500 sigils, I want to end the pvp with 200 fewer inner fires than I started with. Anything from chests opened that event or from prizes are free to use. Energy I buy 200 or 300 energy each reset. Id rather over spend on energy than inners

  • 2nd key I want done by week 5 or 6. Ill open chests to make sure I get there

  • once I start my 3rd key I stop opening gold chests and start saving rubies.

  • finish 3rd key by the final week, spending no more than 20k rubies on sigil chests. Spend any remaining sigils to collect some more gold chests from the lines.


That’s pretty good! Thanks for sharing that! I’ll try that next season, thanks a lot! And if you don’t mind, I’m going to email you in the game :+1:t4:

now, someone hire this guy for claiming a mythic on your acc. lololol

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