Mythic portraits 😁

So I was thinking how about we have portraits in mythic branches it will bring more portraits into the game too


Paid or comes with the mythic?

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Thought I read this somewhere earlier but I thought that PG didn’t want to bring in portraits to the game where they aren’t accessible to everyone. Don’t quite get that logic but don’t really want to see mythic portraits either. The dragon is plenty enough.

Also in what language is mythic spelled mithic?


Look at season leaderboard portraits…
Look at the exclusive team portraits from TGC…
Look at the exclusive portraits from the atlas season a few season ago…

I don’t think that’s the reason lol


Someone else said that, those aren’t my words. I don’t remember where I found them, I just know that someone else said it. (And it was probably someone active on the forums because I don’t trust names I don’t recognize :joy:).

And that’s also why I said that I don’t understand that logic.

One word HECK NO !!! Stop giving them these kinds of ideas cause you always know PG will end up wanting to turn it into some stupid profit scheme

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Those portraits can (or could) be attained by anyone. There are (or were) no accessibility constraints with those portraits as there would be with specialized mythic portraits.


I mean, for all of the work you put into getting a mythic dragon I don’t think a portrait would be the end of the world and would honestly be quite nice as an addition.

There are a lot of “exclusive” portraits in the game already (great contest, atlas top 3, etc) so I don’t think adding a portrait for something people work for is the worst idea ever, lol.


I said that because that was their “reasoning” when I asked during a few of the live streams. It’s a completely stupid reasoning since obviously we have many portraits that arent accessible to everyone. I’ve been suggesting mythic portraits for years, either a Knight version of that mythic (ie Xul Knight) or just a portrait of that mythic dragon would be nice.
Im still waiting on that Chunk Knight portrait that PGCoffee liked the idea of and was going to talk to the artests about (yes I know he’s been gone for a while)

Care to explain? Why should there not be a special portrait for unlocking a mythic? Even if it cost sigils to get, why do you think that isnt something people should have the option to get?


Been wondering, what the hell were those


They are very old Malik and other elite players have those idk what it was like to get them though

Comes with mithic free

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Everyone can get it if they try hard it’s just basically getting the moving portrait for low lvls

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Care to explain?

Like what ???

I’ve already seen one of these threads once and no mythic portrait just think rationally here wouldn’t PG want profit more often, it would be nice just still the glitches in the game need fix too and stagnation as well

Because the artists who create portraits are clearly also fixing glitches and bugs. Like when you go to the hospital and the person working in the gift shop for some reason isnt performing heart surgery


Honestly, I think the addition to a portrait with a mythic dragon would be a nice welcome. Point being, mythic dragons won’t ever, ever ever last forever. Why pay for the most expensive thing in the game that will only last a few months for some people? Having a side portrait fixes this problem (kinda) with giving something that lasts well beyond your dragon ever could.


This may be unpopular opinion but honestly I don’t mind if pg monetizes portrait and base skin business. It’s an exclusive that doesn’t actually give anyone unfair advantage.

You are asking for them to all of a sudden start giving extra portraits basically free (by claiming mythic) which is asking them to pay an artist to create those portraits in first place.

Everyone loves free stuff I understand, but I would much more prefer they release cosmetics for $$$ then hike season prices


I agree, though they could already have the artwork ready to use if they just used the concept art of the mythics and adjusted the size. But I have no issue with paying for them (within reason). The issue I have with the base skins is that it’s only a couple of buildings

Speaking of which is there not going to be a Celestial Rift base skin?