Mythic rage glyph

Anyone know what the secondary effect of the mythic rage glyph in the 349k event prize is? Thanks in advance!

Here you go , it has a pretty useless secondary effect


Well boo but thank you so much!

Lol….thanks…saved me grinding the extra 100k points….

What’s an Invert Duration? :sweat_smile:

The Invert spell. The one that bounces projectiles back to the attacking tower. Why that would be a secondary on a mythic rage :man_shrugging:

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Really? No really? How is this a prize? Is this our late Halloween celebration and they went with trick?

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Ok, thank you

It’s a treat.

It’s still much better than an Ice Turret HP glyph on my book. :joy:


It would let you double up on rage with another rage that has a useful secondary :woman_shrugging:


Still many other better secondary effects. If you don’t need dragon hp, dragon atk, or hunter ammo this could still be useful.

Far better option than the usual event glyphs we get but it is annoying to see this with an ability that boosts a spell that hasnt been relevant or even on a dragon since Harbinger tier. Dragon attack or even another dragon hp would have been nice instead.

But again, better than the usual garbage we see

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