Mythic Requests - From the Super Fans

As many of us have discussed on my Twitch steams, we would LOVE all our fan favorite dragons to be made into mythics.

Kinda like how Kinnara (who has had many versions made) most recently was remade into Kinnarix, which was one of, if not THE MOST, amazing sorcerer’s in the game!

We would like Chunk,Dodo, Firefin, Axi, Hueso, Sakura and Krampi inspired mythics.

It would be MOST awesome if we could have one per season so all of us super fans could actually claim each one when they come out.

Thank you PG (@PGrdm @FineSpline @DragonPunch) for your consideration!


Yes please, you have my vote on this. Let’s make it happen


Chunk mythic… :flushed:


This is all I want in my WD life, an adorable and close to OP mythic chunk, is that too much to ask? Let’s get on this asap people


Are we not gonna talk about Ryuu mythic? :joy:


Definitely Axi :bubbles:


Yea gonna look beautiful :joy:


:100:. If this doesn’t happen it should be a crime.


I’d like to add a couple please;

Jormungandr: Although already mythic in Vanguard tier, I would really like to see a recreation of him for higher tiers.

Dodo: Extinct flightless bird shall fly once more!



*will edit my post to add


It seems like such an easy way to generate interest (and money).

Didn’t realize Krampi had a fan club.


Only one’s I want I personally don’t see a hippo fitting the theme for any season unless Spring is the savanna season. We do need more sorcerers though so Firefin, and Dodo.

Seriously. With so many people losing interest why not go for the obvious move that would make so many people happy. Recreations of past loved dragons (NOT RESURRECTION CRAP!) are always popular. Something like a mythic Chunk and Axi would absolutely motivate people to push for a 2nd mythic, especially if they were actually good dragons. Aesthetics is a huge money maker for games. When they were offering the special portraits like the Women’s Day portraits those were super popular that people jumped on. You take two items that are the exact same, one looks meh, the other looks cute or pretty or cool and that one is going to far out sell the one that looks meh like mad.


Jezz he’s speaking the honest to god truth whatever we want will only be monetized by PG themselves.

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Well they are a company whose goal is to make money. The problem is that it needs to be worth it for people to get. If it’s an over priced piece of junk like these mythics or literally every pack in the store then people get tired of it. If it’s actually a good offer or good product, especially if it looks appealing to the eye then the average players are much more willing to spend for it. The problem is that they do to many money grabs that are not worth what they cost.

If they offered a mythic Chunk in a season I’d get it, no questions asked. If they offered a mythic Chunk and Axi I’d very likely up my activity again and push for both even though I dont even fly hunters. If they offered a pack with a dragon skin that let me make my dragon look like chunk or Axi I’d buy it unless it was stupidly overpriced.

They have a lot of ways that they could encourage spending and they waste them. I feel like that was supposed to be the goal of the Leaderboard stuff (By the way where is the info for this season’s portraits?) but I dont think it was overly successful. Those who spent were still going to spend and it didnt really motivate people to push any harder for mediocre portraits.

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Leaderboard stuff is only applicable for a small percentage of the base. Players of all levels and activity loved the Dodos, Chunks, and Firefins.

Didn’t really like Dodo and Chunk as much as others….

Yeah, I miss Noctua → Noctarn. :disappointed:


Everyone has their favorites. I smile every time I fly Dodo or Firefin. One not on this list I’d love to see enhanced would be Nebulon. Such a beautiful dragon, and I though fun to fly, too.


Exactly. PG probably thought it would motivate people more to push harder, consume more rss and even spend and it doesnt. Those people who arent going to get the LB stuff arent pushing to get it. I really dont think many care about those “rewards”. PG has so many better options to them on how to encourage spending across all player levels. Less active players who dont normally get mythics might very well me more likely to spend a bit to get one of those dragons if they were good. Those would be “dont pass up this chance to get them” dragons.