Mythic Resurrection Idea

I am just posting my idea of a mythic resurrection. We have legendary resurrections, why not resurrect a mythic dragon from past seasons? I think that a resurrected mythic would be good for players that have the dragon and want it for nostalgia but also for newer players who can’t get the full 20 keys needed for a mythic but still want a good dragon.

What would a resurrected mythic dragon look like?
A resurrected mythic wouldn’t be as powerful as a new mythic but it would be significantly stronger than a legendary.

What would the branch look like?
I think the branch would need to be unlocked similar to a normal mythic but need less keys, maybe 10 keys. But for players who have the dragon the branch wouldn’t cost keys. The branch would also cost sigils, either similar cost to a festive (18.5k) and contain prizes similar to normal mythics, the evo stones, runes and some gold chests: or cost similar to a dragon line (37.5k) and contain more prizes than just the evo stones and runes.

How would the dragon’s be changed?
The dragon’s would be modified to suit the current meta but still have similar spells to what they originally had. Similar to legendary resurrections, spells may have their colours changed, the rage cost changed, stats buffed or swapping the spell for a similar one that will aid the dragon.

Here are some ideas that i have:

Kinnarus, Mythic Wind Sorcerer

Neptus, Mythic Ice Hunter

Huitzil, Mythic Earth Warrior

Pathox, Mythic Wind Hunter

Basically, i just want to fly some of the past mythic dragons that were available before i began playing war dragons :grin:


I don’t even like the resurrection of legendaries.

Hard pass from me.


Nah to the ah to the no no no
Throw the resurrection idea into the trash can


Eliminate resurrection line.


Thats because they were legendaries. And PG resurrects bad dragons. If PG resurrected actually good dragons, like Prospero, then it would be a good line. The idea isn’t bad, its the execution.


Please stop. Please.


Because it would be simply unfair to those who had worked to the best of their effort to obtain the resurrected mythic the first time.


Dragons and bases are evolving every season, it is not a good idea to bring back and out of date dragon to compete with current towers and new base set ups. The general idea of the resurrection line is not a good idea, be it mythic or legendary. Let’s take axi for example, I love that little guy but I would never recommend anyone get him in current Meta.


I think I’ll genuinely quit if they resurrect mythics too, the current resurrections already got me close to that point. I hate that they mess with the old dragon spell sets and recycle them into some half baked easy money maker, and I kinda hate the players that for some inane reason spend sigils on these abominations too.


Yeah i have to agree, this was just an idea to make the resurrection idea good but i guess not.

You actually hate the players?

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Would rather have new dragons with connected background story to the old ones

  • Tarand - Tarax
  • Hauheset (lineage, but…) - Hauhezen.

Can have similar playstyle, but that’s all.


I have to agree. All PG is doing is praying on nostalgia and regret of not getting those dragons originally as well as newer players not really knowing better what these dragons actually are. But people still go for them which just encourages PG to keep making these pointless things. How are you going to charge full price for something super outdated just because you slightly adjust it to still be complete junk on modern bases?

Side note: I love that someone flagged my above post as inappropriate
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Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want your old dragons, but how would this in any way “cheapen your effort”, unless you consider your ‘effort’ as starting to play the game before someone else.

I wonder if the first person to build a flak tower was pissed off when someone else built one. Because that copycat cheapened the effort it took to get it.

Other than krellos, none of these old dragons are worth squat. I really can’t see the issue, There was flak earlier on some rune or glyph, I don’t recall. That I can understand if its still valuable. But for a dragon that is literally worthless??? Don’t get it.


Well could blame pg for the first one, but all the subsequent ones are obviously because some people apparently are willing to pay full price for them. This one can only really be blamed on the player base enabling these resurrections by paying for them.


To be honest I have claimed part of resurrection lines… the second node is usually gold chests I beleive.

Towers were never advertised as being limited by the season. Riders and dragons always were. We were told for years old dragons would never come back so we’d better get them while we could. Pretty much every single live stream Arelyna did involved her saying “no” to being asked if old dragons would be coming back or if their stones would become available again. People pushed hard to finish those dragons. They were cheaper but sigils were also a lot harder to get outside of sigil chests
Honestly, it did piss me off a bit that people who didn’t even finish Necrxy could just get his stones again after I busted my ass to finish his line as my first ever completely seasonal.

It’s also rather ridiculous that if I wanted to get Axi’s new stones that I’d have to spend another 37k on top of the 28k sigils I originally spent to get her and the replacement prizes for the old stones are mostly trash.


Is it announced as limited time? Did it use limited time currency at the time it’s introduced?


One word “HOW ABOUT NO?!?”

I wouldnt mind having Xul resurrected every season :smiling_imp: