Mythic Rune of Pride: Lower secondary resist than usual?


@PGCrisis @PGLawson A teammate showed a screenshot of the Mythic Rune of Pride, and its secondary resist, Dark Flak Resist, only starts with a +1.0% increase. Secondary resists on other mythic runes start with +2.3%. Is that intentional?

Edit: Oops, checked as solution wasn’t actually the solution :see_no_evil:


Not to mention there’s no secondary for the epic or legendary, nor is any of them a glyph…


Additional to this question, with the name of the rune is it to be considered specific to this lion dragon or call. The attack bonus be used on any other dragon available?

Asking for a friend :eyes:


Its strange. Overal attack increased, but not HP. I am not so sure about this.
Tested on Apophet maxed with Epic Pride run maxed level( hp increase 4%). No increase in HP. But lets see the pic
Before equip

After equip


My understanding is that any rune will add to the AP of the dragon regardless of whether it actually improves the dragon or not…can’t confirm this though…


I can’t remember where along the way I found this to be true, but I remember doing something that showed this to be true (i.e. putting a rune on the wrong dragon, which is probably where I got a AP jump that did nothing)


So this rune only applied to Leos? As shown, no increase in Dragon HP in my pic

Updated. Tested on Leos also. No increase in HP stat. Overall Ap increase but not HP again. What a joke
Legendary Pride maxed with 6% hp increase show nothing

Leos runes broken
Not Surprising, what a disappointing season
Winter 2017 Season - Tempest Collection Spells Preview

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Thanks for testing it out; that’s pretty crazy!


is it really that crazy lol


These runes are so sad no secondary on legendary runes :thinking:


My experience says the same as well. Any equipped rune will raise AP of dragon irrespective of actual contribution.
So don’t be excited just because your AP increased. If your rune doesn’t have exact description, it won’t work on the dragon.

Why 100 different runes
could be that easy
acts on shield
acts on attack
works on magic
Act on dragons
Does anyone really know of any runes / Glypt Welsh Rune where belongs
why is there no manual?


As some suggested those non-working runes on Dragons only add virtual AP but no real power… I also discovered it the hard way, @mechengg and others confirmed that it was useless to leave a non-working rune on a dragon.
Those runes were truly useless in my case as it was Rejuvenate-related runes on Sage and you can’t equip Sage with Rejuvenate consumable. It was back when we were told that Rejuvenate-related runes would work with Super Rejuvenate…


Can’t wait to get a response from pg about this since this was brought up going into the weekend.
Also, the rune states it will increase the health of a dragon, not increases the health of Leos, so according to the understanding that runes only work on dragons matching the description, the runes should completely work on other dragons.


Tbh, I am not quite surprised when this matter happened.
Leos design is cool. however in High lv battle, he sucks.

Even his “own rune” suck too ^^. At least his portral branch is good.
I still have 1 Mythic Pride rune left. Will equip when some official annoucement come out. Or just simply savalge to gain 400k dust


Closing this thread out. We’ve identified that this was a visual bug, but the rune is still functioning correctly. For details, please check out this thread.