Mythic Storm HP Glyph increases DP when no storm tower present

I had a mythic storm tower HP Glyph on island4 , the towers on that island are two lightning , one ice flak one orrery and howitzer. When it was removed my DP went down .5 billion. Any idea why?


Yes. Glyphs and runes increase DP just for being present, not for if they actually do anything. A Max base with full exotic ballista runes will have a higher DP than that same base with more appropriate runes that are not all exotic.

Don’t argue with PG math.

But in general DP means nothing. There are bases with 35b DP that are harder than some with 3x that DP.

Exotic runes especially (mythic as well but less so) add an unproportional amount of DP vs what they actually do.


Did you have it on the correct monument?



Yes it was on the correct monument as I described.

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Thank you!

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