Mythic Telment Cognitive Fog problem (?)

Hello, i’ve been meaning to ask this for quite a while. I read someone else experienced this but must have been on facebook cause i can’t find it here.

Cognitive Fog is the 1 rage white spell that freezes for 2 seconds and usually one shots towers. The size is small, 2 according to neon, so i can hit two towers at best in certain situations.

My problem is that sometimes it applies the freeze effect (you can see the mark under the tower) but it doesn’t do any damage. It doesn’t happen that often to be a huge problem and it’s annoying to record on video but not impossible.

Before i try to record it, has anyone else experienced this?
If it wasn’t for the freeze mark under the tower i’d think i just missed or my phone/connection would have caused it. But if the freeze goes through how can the damage not occur?

This is possible if the tower is shielded before you hit it. I am leaning toward this answer since I cast it on the shield tower if there is one and have not had this problem.

There’s also been an ongoing glitch where if you fire a spell too fast after you “load” it you can lose the damage it should cause (not saying this is the case, just that I know that glitch exists).

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Hi thanks, i didn’t know about this ongoing glitch. Actually it might it. I’m sure it happens without shields up too. Happened with only farms left on the base today. I might record some flights and see if it happens when i cast and shoot fast. If that’s the case i guess it’s a good reason to load it first, while turning, instead of starting with other spells (which i know it’s probably the best way anyway but the aoe freeze gives flexibiity)

telment is shit u play rush style like some hunter.
its one shot spell sometimes doesnt deal damage(gets block by invisible wall). idk if its bug or not .
and its aoe 1 shot spell sometimes doesnt shoot ,u need to be careful of placement .
these 2 spell will ruin some flight.
if u play slow style u can cycle both dodge and stunt regularly still u will have chance that 1 shot spell wont work
i should not have pick both telment and barb, i ended up using aerow and zahak mostly🤦

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