Mythic Warrior Skill

A white thunderstorm??? Seriously!?? Put 1 defenders on and It wont do shit. Or maybe the debuff from the shield makes thr difference… so debuff then white thunderstorm? But it will cost 4 rage, :face_vomiting:. Why not make thd thunderstorm spellflux instead. Seriously pg, you always make look like warriors useless . Or somebody show us how the mythic warrior scales on an active base with defenders. :eyes:

Spell flux? So you want everyone to have essentially a Destar?

Pretty sure the general consensus is the warrior isn’t bad at all. Yeah white thunderstorms won’t be the thing that makes or breaks the dragon but still all in all I wouldn’t write it off just yet.

We will likely have some high level gameplay before long from the usual sources

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Did you not think that corthanak is OP as a destar maybe not as good, i really cant compare them both are good? A mythic dragon should really be that mighty tbh. This is a shit spell, once this dragon turns on the good set of towers, it will just cast the white ball and thunderstorm and kill nothing! Please realize that warrior is worst amonth 3 type bec it lacks instant damage.

So do you think this warrior dragon’s skillset is fine?

Haha! True, im kind of predicting it, ive seen arelyna fly it, i couldnt see the shield then thunderstorm combo. :pensive:

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