Mythics taking over plat and gold

something is wrong with the state of the union.
I dropped from Sapphire to gold, now mid plat, to rest and finish the season, expecting more appropriate competition. I’m at 200+ ATK / and 200+ DEF.

First stop was top of gold, where I was seeing more mythics than in Sapphire, especially in the under level 100 range, also many bases with almost all flak towers and 3 well built sea perches.

More of same in mid plat, but higher levels. These “spenders” seem to like to encapsulate their account and team names as such:
XxxUnethical1xxX. Like a secret handshake to others.

It would be pantastic to see less of this.

Edited title post in hopes it doesn’t get the pan


this post will be closed in mins lol

if you suspect cheating, open a ticket, that’s what the mods and staff will tell you LOL

Like that’s every done any good :roll_eyes:

well I’m not saying its done any good, but that’s what the forum police will tell you to do LMAO


I call out individuals all the time, and have had very good response from PG, to the tune of almost everyone I’ve reported or bookmarked/mailed to keep an eye on are where the goblins go … below below below.

It’s to the point of reporting teams not individuals.

Even writing this post will provoke yet more daily attacks against me, which is still worth it to me. But be warned “loose lips … “.

Yes you can report individuals to PG, the same way you can report a team as a whole.

Accusing a team or individual in a public forum will get your post closed tho.

I just email the founder about every like bug, hack, cheat, exploit I see. He never replies though, I wonder why… :wink:

Please submit a support ticket if you are concerned about players or teams cheating.