Naja Bugged? Anyone else? 🧐

Teammate recently discovered a bug with Naja. The invoke smite is doing different damage numbers on the runs. Hitting the same base, defended, the smite one shot the blue mage in the back, but when he ran the same base, UNDEFENDED, the smite didn’t one shot the same tower that it had previously.
The Fire flak didn’t hit. It was cloaked. The towers are level 100, it would have severely damaged if it would have hit.
The base didn’t change, the dragon didn’t change, the runs were minutes apart.
Is this something that can be looked into and explained please :pray:
Linking the video below.

It kinda looks like the FF hits you in the second run, if that was a supershot it would reduce your damage.

Ff didn’t hit. Shot on turn before ss.

It’s also happened multiple runs. Undefended based w/o FF.

I haven’t personally had this issue :face_with_monocle:
It does look that way in your video though. & when you’re attacking, the base’s displayed DP isn’t changing? Your dragon is boosted every time?

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Looks weird. The good thing is it’s one shot when defended, not when undefended. Lol

the final shot is not a 1 killer always got to remember that i see no bug i see that the fire flak was fast and hit you before you shielded on the defended the fireflak did not fire at all but undefended it did

The exact same base, dragon, everything.
Boosted both times, base DP didn’t change.
The runs were minutes apart.

The shot was fired before the FF shot and then cloaked. It didn’t hit. So there’s no way it reduced the damage. I slowed the video down to specifically showcase that.

but it did not hit till after fire flak fired which that had to of been a fast shot from it but that would be the reasoning behind it i will do 2 runs and both will be the same defended and undefended the fire flak might have a glitch but it in fact did fire

the question is how did the fireflak hit you that fast is what the title should say!

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It cloaked before the FF SS hit.

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It’s also happened in multiple runs on other bases. Undefended back to back runs and still getting different damage outputs. Trying to figure out the cause.

yes that is why i said it was a really fast fireflak shot i can do it on any base and it kills so unless that fire flak super shot went thru and the damage did not

Yes. It’s a level 100 FF. It would have severely damaged if it would have hit. You can see the health bar doesn’t move.

maybe it got the effect of the fireflak and no damage and it didnt shield it only thing i can see

If so, still worth looking into. Shouldn’t happen.

correct because in your video the only difference is that the fireflak had fired on undefended and defended it did not so the system did the supershot there

Why the SS hit you so fast nobody knows. But it did hit you. You didn’t receive damage due to najas shield eating the damage. The same thing happens with dark flaks. You get stunned with no damage happening.
So I agree with prince as why is the FF shooting so fast undefended, but it definitely hit you there. Can’t use damage to judge when shield absorbs it all, but you still get the effect from the flak.


I noticed something… The shots location are different, when the run is undefended the shot is higher than when it’s defend…that’s why it didn’t get full hit… It happened to me before in invaders runs with other dragons also