Naja has a weakness? Video of proof

Let me know when you spot it

If it’s a glitch has pg fixed it?

Naja been damaged while shield is active? definitely a bug.

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It’s the fire turret ss


Video fails to play… not Naja?


Anyone who has watched Arifueta knows where a dragon’s weak spot is :joy: :confounded:


Yes was actually the ice turret that got through the shield

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Must be your phone, lack of high speed data

Broken link for me too.

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Hold on I got you guys

here’s the video

Definitely looks like a bug. Maybe reactivating it would fix the glitch in a pinch

Every dragon, no matter how strong or seemingly unbeatable, has a weakness. I’ve killed Naja… only once :joy:, in an event attack this past Fight Pits - and Morak… only once… on my own base :rofl: - but every dragon has a weakness, even if they’re difficult to kill.

Watch the video. It shows naja taking damage from both beam attacks through its shield. The question was about the video, not about if it legitimately has a weakness


Can it becaused by Krelos being first dragon?

It’s weakness to beam attacks might interfere with Naja’s shield?

Just thinking :thinking:

Ah. Skipped right over that :rofl:

This. More precisely, 15% damage boost from Fire Turret SS

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What does the specific mechanics of protector’s resolve say

Its fire turret :grimacing::grimacing: