Naja's shield bugged

@PGGalileo Hello
I would report this bug. Essentially and in short the Drakul Pylon allow the other towers to do damage to Naja even with the shield on. Thank

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The shield blocks 100% of damage, if you’re hit by the pylon SS you take 200% damage of which only 100% is blocked


It has been this way with the FT supershot as well. Support claims it is working properly because the ss is reducing the amount of damage the shield is blocking/increasing damage taken to more than what the shield blocks

Actually take 75% additional damage
So naja take 175% damage ( without shield)
Take 75% damage ( with shield on)


I mean this sounds like stupid logic if the game runs on that. Surely by that logic dropped swords should make all towers bypass the shield? Not pointing the finger at you, just commenting on how stupid this is if that’s how it’s programmed.

Surely reducing anything by 100%, regardless of how much its multiplied, should make it 0. Otherwise wow that’s misleading.


Same with fire flak glitch
If you have damage boost on ( eulogy or something) then your damage is 300% normal damage and got half to 150% then after eulogy end you get -50% damage which make your normal ammo useless

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Your kidding me?

Wish i was

That’s why you don’t get hit :>

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I mean that’s just silly interactions… I am amazed I’ve never clocked that one. But I guess it’s fairly easy to dodge so ehh

I’m thinking, pylons and FT make Naja take more damage-where as sword boosts make towers deal more damage.
So that’s probably why there’s a difference

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It’s probably something silly like that.

This makes me want too have a pylon on my base now

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A 110 pylon does a ton of damage to Naja lol

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Yes but blocking 100% of all damage should still block all damage. The pylon/FT is supposed to affect the dragon itself, not its spells. If a Storm/Earth Flak shield activates and I’ve already debuffed towers with a spell my attacks wont deal a portion of the damage through the shield because of the debuff.

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The Earth flak is an invincibility shield though, not a debuff as in Naja’s shield’s cases.

Im saying if I was flying a dragon like Sylvix and hit the towers before the tower shield activated which would debuff them to take 100% extra damage, hitting the shielded debuffed towers wouldnt deal any damage until the shield ended. So there’s no reason for the reverse to work on Naja just because it is debuffed

Debuff as in damage reduction for the shield not pylon.
Naja’s shield is a debuff technically (on damage), if it was an invincibility shield it would be different. EF shields simply make towers invincible. It’s weird but how the shields were made.
One is damage reduction, other is true invincibility.

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Wait, if I kill pylon after getting hit with it, do I need to reapply shield for it to block 100% again?

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