Namaka and the surprising response

I was told by PG Anthony to post in here a discussion about returning or exchanging unlocked content. If you’re in the same boat as I am, then you grinded this season to unlock the 3 keys. After talking with others and contemplating, you chose to unlock Namaka. After flying a few bases and unlocking all abilities you regretted your choice. Unhappy with the choppy attacks and cool down in between them that left you like a sitting duck didn’t seem like it was worth the time/money you put into obtaining the 3 keys it took to unlock.
In case you were wondering, can I give this back for another dragon that might be useful? The answer is “we don’t have the ability to do that, but maybe that feature might be added and we might be able to in the future.”
You, the creators of the game and all of its content, are unable to lock and unlock the content? Just a suggestion, you might want to have full control over the game you created.

Yes they created it but you are the one that chose namaka over meglok. You should always be mindful of what your choosing and think it over before making a final decision. This season you even got to test fly namaka with all her skills unlocked so should have been well aware of how she felt to fly. Technically you got exactly what you worked, grinded, and paid for.

Maybe you just need more practice with her to know how to fly her more efficiently. I know people that have her and she is an amazing dragon that can hit hard if flown properly.


Thank you for responding. I am well aware I picked the dragon. I initially thought with practice and increasing levels, it would get better. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case. It’s not the end of the world, just letting people know the no returns or exchange policy that was pawned off as not able to because they don’t have the ability.

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To be fair here PG never said there was an exchange system for seasonal dragons so don’t know whare you got the idea from :sweat_smile:


Ok guy, The PG told me to post so I did. How many places you go a day that you can return stuff to? Huh? How come they can’t? They warn that runes are permanent but people ask all the time to remove them and they do. Maybe they’ll add the feature so that if you make a mistake they can help you out. Maybe not

If I’m honest I think namaka is just fine. I’ve had plenty of success with her.

As for swapping I’m not against it with significant checks and balanced. I do not think it’s strictly necessary as we had the trial run of namaka earlier on. But I would not be against it


Support isn’t pg btw its a 3rd party


I have a few question though.

  1. Did you try Namaka during her trial period?
  2. Did she get nerfed?

If he’s like me she never showed up no matter how many defenses I won.

What your support person means is they don’t have permission to do that. It has always been PG’s policy that once a prize if chosen only proof of a glitch will get that reversed.

That being said I think it’s ridiculous that we can’t test both mythics each season (and not some stupid water dragon substitute). It should be something like 5-10 runs on each as if they had their own maxed runes + maxed elite gear. And that’s what everyone gets. I lean towards 5 since it would need to be during PvP (can’t have people winning wars just because they suddenly obtain a much better dragon than their own) and 5 125 point runs in PvP isn’t going to break anything.


Probably not. That’s their response to everything. But, you did pick a dragon and you’re stuck with that dragon. If they didn’t allow an exchange when they completely changed a dragon’s abilities, I don’t think they’ll do it here.

Lol. Can’t fly namaka so trade? Namaka is savage. Do you have good gear?


Well then you’re practicing incorrectly or haven’t figured out how to fly her yet. I chose Namaka more because I dislike warriors than anything else, but soon found she can hit 1-2bil over what my Ronin can. She is immensely powerful if flown correctly.

You do realize that, during PvPs, only dragons shot down OUTSIDE of the PvP, ie in normal battle or atlas defenses, count, right? It has nothing to do with defenses and dragons shot down during Pvp event defenses did not and still do not count. It’s been like that as long as I have been playing.

And “buyer’s remorse” shouldn’t be a reason to be able to exchange content you chose. If it is, where does it end? “Oops, I chose the wrong line on my rider”, “oops, I chose the wrong gear”, “oops, I leveled the wrong dragon, Primarch, gear, etc”, and so on…


ask nicely :wink:

I like namaka it is a different flying style and not all will enjoy but it is a solid dragon just take a little time to get the mechanic’s down


Lol I’m not sure how that is a surprising response. From all accounts I’ve heard namaka is pretty good btw, so maybe it’s you :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you OP, you made my choice easier, now i’ve decided to go for meglok… and oh for future reference, there had been numerous threads regarding namaka vs meglok and the viability of each dragon, i suggest you do your research very thoroughly before deciding which mythic to unlock in succeeding seasons. The fact that namaka even had a test/trial period makes it an even better option for every player to experience the dragon firsthand before deciding. It was your decision and while I’m not against this, i’m afraid this is all on you. :slight_smile:

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Yes. I know. After a long discussion with an actual PG employee we determined it just was just a glitch.

It’s starts and ends with seasonal Mythics. Also note I did not say you should be able to change your decision after making it. I said you should get a meager 5 runs with each to help you decide.


True enough. But then, half those places won’t let you return a thing if it’s been used at all, and the other half will only accept a return if it doesn’t do what it says on the package.

Virtually no places accept returns simply because you bought it, used it a bunch, and decided that you didn’t like it after all. If you’d accidentally selected Namaka, and six seconds later, sent in a ticket to Support asking to change to Meglok, that would be one thing; here you got it, flew it, leveled it, and only now are you unhappy with your purchase.

I’m sure that PG COULD - even if Support can’t - but this is one of those areas where it’s a caveat emptor scenario. You got to test-fly Namaka before buying; you got to watch other people fly her, and listen to people discuss her, and compare her to Meglok. And you made your decision.

Would I like if PG let us test both dragons fully before committing? Yes, I would. But I can’t imagine why you thought that they would let you swap when you changed your mind about Namaka.


Namaka is the best dragon i have so far… i ve got ronin … and i can hit bases way above my level using namaka than my ronin…just keep on practicing and use her ammo wisely

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