Namaka: damage or HP rune for Deflecting Gale?

Since PG doesn’t want to answer my ticket about this and states it’s something for the forums, I’m now posting my question here.

I’m trying to determine if is should salvage the “epic rune of gales” on my Namaka and place the “mythic rune of fuetuitous winds” in the open slot instead.
Sure, the added HP is nice and Invoke will do some extra damage and Cresting Wave heals some more, but my decision depends on the fact if the 6% dragon HP gained with maxed “mythic rune of futuitous winds” outweights the +10% added damage to Deflecting Gale with maxed “epic rune of gales”.

To be honest, the way the damage output for Deflecting Gale is calculated is a bit misty to me, so I hope you can help me with this.
My Namaka has 161M HP. Cresting Wave base damage/second is 5.6M (0.035*161M). With HP rune this will be 6.0M. From other runes/glyps beside “epic rune of gales” I get an added damage output of +35%.

Now comes the problem/quistion: how is the damage output with damage modifiers calculated?
Is it calculated like
1: (0.035 * modified dragon HP) * damage modifiers
or like
2: (0.035 + damage modifiers) * modified dragon HP

In the first case modified damage of Deflecting Gale with “epic rune of gales” will be 1.45 * 5.6M = 8.2M and with “mythic rune of fuetuitous winds” it will be 1.35 * 6.0M = 8.1M. So no real difference there.
In the second case modified damage of Deflecting Gale with “epic rune of gales” will be 0.485 * 161.0M = 78.1M and with “mythic rune of fuetuitous winds” it will be 0.385 * 170.7M = 65.7M. Big difference!

Any dragonlords out there that know the answer to this?


It’s the first one. Your cresting wave dealing 5.6M without runes will deal 6.1M (10% more) with the epic rune.

However, the 6% HP rune will not add 6% to your 161M HP. The 6% will be added to other existing buffs, so you’ll effectively gain 6% on base HP. If you have good gear and boosts on, that’ll only add about 2-3% to your final HP.
For example, 60M base HP + 20% research + 100% armor + 18% rider + 30% boost = 60M + 168% = 161M HP. Add the rune and it becomes 60M base + 174% = 164M HP.

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Hmm… thanks for clarifying!!
In my case this means for Deflecting Gale the difference of 2.5m damage with the epic rune or 2.0m damage with the HP rune. That’s a big enough difference to keep the epic in place!

No wonder support wouldn’t answer :joy:

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