Namaka : How to rune and rider?

Hi fellaz
The questions are :

  1. How to rune Namaka? ( excluding its two Legendary and Mythic runes)

  2. I have Ano ready but i would like to know ho to setup this rider for Namaka? I was thinking Max Atk + Rage. I know, her spells are based on HP, but i think i can survive without a +7% HP. I would boost her 3 normal fireballs too.

Thank in advance :slight_smile:

I have Mythics Rage Rune and Rune of Pride
Plus some Legendary Rage Glyphs

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What about rider?

Iā€™d say attack on Ano

Since diminishing returns, and HP is higher even in attack spec.


I have Ano maxed for HP on her. I use her default runes, plus legendary rage. Pretty happy with that set up, especially the rage

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