Namaka vs defenders

wanted to ask could just be me but before tower buff I could get through bases defended with namak and I have maxed elite set now though with tower buff seems like any base with 90s defended he gets shot down and can’t get it done anyone else having these issues?

Yes , and it should be this way. Nobody should be able to solo a base full of 90’s defended, it should take strategic planning, good flying, and maybe a follower to help. We are going back to the old ways of this game and getting away from the “1 dragon demolishes all” issue.
Just think how much more important defending became. This is huge incentive to defend now, because now the same dragons can’t just walk over anybody’s base with next to no skill whatsoever . This truly makes people have to be able to fly well, and plan according to base layout and how many dragons will be needed.


I have maxed elite gear and 90s with full base boost, and many namaka’s can still solo my base when well defended.

Actually my gear is better than elite, I have roughly 105% hp and 100% attack. (Before leilani’s Stats are applied)

Now it’s likely the attacker has 110% (mythic) Attack on his namaka and/or sho’groth’s attack glyph, but my point is my base is getting walked regularly. (I’m also stopping a bunch which prior to the change defending was pointless)

And in a best case scenario equal attack vs defense should have a slight defender advantage. If you remember back in the day 3 defenders used to be able to stop an equal attack of 2 attackers.

It’s a new normal, we just need to get used of how to think strategically and get backup again.


I’m glad to hear that the end game requires people to use multiple dragons, or at least have the possibility of being defended.

Any other system makes defence pointless. If one dragon can walk bases defended without skill… I mean what’s the point? Where is the strategy? What’s the point in having dragon variety? One dragon does all. Why even have disabling spells and dragons?

I’m glad this sounds better


Welcome to the secret nerf of namaka! :grin:
Hidden within the tower buffs…
And thank God for it, that dragon was eating my base up! :rofl:.

This is easy to answer… get better flying her :joy: :upside_down_face:

Namaka will like to know your location :ghost::joy:

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