Name a New Dragon Rider for the Spring Season!


Stop stealing my ideas Lut

I’ll trade you a mythic rage glyph for that name tho…waiting…


Done! Send it over!


Darn it! Got snookered! :rofl:


I think we should name her RedDelilah, 'bout time she get the recognition she deserves!



I wasn‘t ready to read this :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Aelin, Hunter of Souls


Can you only submit once?


Submitted though I accidentally included the subtitle in the rider name

Her name shall be Bob, from accounting. She enjoys spicy food and dreams of one day becoming a famous folk singer


I believe so, unfortunately. This is a limitation of Gleam’s campaign settings. :confused: That being said, if you use a different e-mail to enter, you should be able to submit twice. We can always manually adjust submissions by request as needed.


Same lol.


This is a contest where you can win things, and you seriously allow people to create several entries?
How is this fair?
People will just spam different suggestions now to have a better chance to win :neutral_face:


Entries cannot win by RNG. We are first selecting the top ten names out of all those that are submitted. Then, we put those ten names to a final vote and come to a decision on who this Dragon Rider will be based on the winning name. No one has increased chances no matter how many entries they make. This is more of a creative contest than a cut + dry giveaway. :slight_smile:


She who must not be named…
wait…no…Moonlit Artemis

Edit: something something Apollo’s shadow, something something. The End


That’s a tail…right? Can we have a moment for the tail…?


She is a beautiful warrior with a sharp tongue and a deadly bow.
she was one of the original Dragons who fought in the Dragon Campaign and was apparently the only survivor who saw all her friends who were also Dragons die in battle, either renouncing their lives heroically or being killed by the enemy’s weapons . Since then, it has remained immortal, by using a magic choker, to prevent the end of the world by destroying the Moon Child

His additions of Dragoon are the strongest of the female characters and cause Dark Damage. Their magical abilities also inflict Dark damage and have different effects.


Princess of the Dark Realm
She was born and raised by undead demons. After years of ruthless battles, she had finally won the unholy bow of Katalan. Which is rumored to be the only one able to kill a dragon. After obtaining this priceless artefact Aurora defeated the current princess of the Dark Realm and took her place. She found and even more valuable asset in previous princess chambers, a scroll, that teaches her how to be a Dragon Rider.


Lol, sorry to correct you but you spelled artifact wrong


Guardians of the galaxies I like that


Nope both Artefact and Artifact are correct spelling :slight_smile:


Not quite
Check this link