Name a New Dragon Rider for the Spring Season!


So you’re wrong. Check the link that I posted above.


They are both valid. Read your own link. Artefact is the “British” spelling


I’ve always spell it Artifact and I’m British :thinking:


With Queen in your name, I’d imagine you’d know. :wink:

Just reading the link supplied. Maybe it’s Old (olde) fashion usage?


I’m not sure. I’ve never seen an E in it.


Okay, sorry. Didn’t know


no biggie, and I will agree it’s not the most common usage.


“ImHalfOff” would be really popular i think. Just a funny thought.


or Ima since she’s a girl




I second that!


Where is the list of 10 names?


Link can be found in this tweet:


What should be the final name of the Spring Season Dragon Rider be? *
Koeryx, the Outcast
Rhonya, the Hidden Arrow
Wren, the Herald of Spring
Oksana, the Dread Hunter
Kaida, the Dragon Heir
Varya, the Foe Splitter
Zastrina, the Death Bringer
Lazari, the Hybrid Archer
Isolde, the Monarch of the Hordes
Zyphelia, the Ragebow


Give a man a name :smirk:


Thx for the list! I like Kaida!


I like Oksana! but more because I think Dread Hunter sounds the best :joy:


obviously the next rider should be named “Mike”… obviously.


She looks like a Mike tbh


How come my entry Bowy Mcbowface didn’t make the cut? :thinking: rigged!


I even withheld my bowy Mcbowmaster submission for you