Name a New Dragon Rider for the Spring Season!


It’s a conspiracy Lutrus!


Damn, I would have voted for that! :joy:


Buffy the dragon slayer :rofl:


I’m calling for a redo… those names are way too serious/meh… she’s got a tail… yay… Kitty the poledancer is wayyy better!


These choices are all pretty lame. Either the backstories must be amazing or someone just picked 10 ransoms from a list. None of those sub-titles feel like they fit in the game.

PS my entry was better but everyone has the right to be wrong, even whomever picked these


Definitely gonna get renamed… if she’s worth getting.


Why not a defensive rider?

Especially for the teams below Saph 1/2 who do not have Atlas and probably will not be getting it for the next 2 years…


Guess I should have thrown in an entry


Can someone please sound these names out?

Is it pronounced KO-ee-Rix?
Rhonya like Rhonda with a Y?
Wren? Like Ren? If so how the hell does Ren become a finalist? Sounds like Little Johnny’s dogs name!
Oksana? Silent A? Okara? Or O-K-Sonya?
Kaida? Kay-Duh?
Isolde? Iodine? Iodiness? I-O-E?
Varya? Sa-Far-ie? Silent V?
Zastrina? Catarina? With a Z?
Not even going to attempt Zyphelia!

Is this correct? I can’t honeslty vote if I do not know exactly how they are pronounced. Thanks!


May get her if her avatar is on offer but no thanks for the rest :joy:


Since my daughter submitted ISOLDE, it is pronounced EYE-SOLD-A, it is a play on the word Isle. Her lore explains her name, unfortunately in the voting they did not put the lore with the names.


Yeah… it’s a cute contest but in the end what really matters most is what stats she’ll bring to the dragon. I’d be happy to see them get rid of boosts to tower resists, and training cost reduction, and get more dragon atk and hp.


See if they’d put Bowy Mcbowface up we wouldn’t have this problem…


Let‘s see what people think for the fun of it? :rofl:

  • One of the 10 names chosen by PG
  • Bowy McBowface!

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Choose wisely and don‘t be boring! :smile:


Sorry, my daughters entry always gets my vote, ISOLDE.



That is so weird, but cool. We made that name up off of the word Isle. The lore is ruling that island. I hope she wins, because we created a nemesis as well. So the story is really cool.


With your username I do not fault you for not knowing that movie. My girls are older so unfortunately I am aware of some horrible, horrible things…


@Arelyna @PGCrisis hey, one think I noticed:
Why was her eye color changed from demonic red to icy blue?

Raw Live Draft:

Final Version:


The portrait probably went through some additional iterations with our art team before the final concept art was given to us, so that’s probably what happened here! It’s also possible the in-game character will look slightly different than the concept art, since she needs to be turned into a 3D model and animated.